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  1. raintyger

    Black Forest Cake - Tips?

    A friend is coming in Sept. Their birthday is late August, so we agreed that we'd celebrate it when they come. I'm planning on making Black Forest Cake, but the recipes I've come across seem a bit complicated. Does anybody have tips on how to make the cake come out right?
  2. raintyger

    My eBay bestseller

    So I started cleaning out the closet and selling some stuff on eBay. I put up for sale some collectible vintage computer games and other miscellaneous stuff. And my bestseller? 3.5" FLOPPY DISKS!!! Who woulda known? I put up two of these 50-packs and they sold out faster than any of my...
  3. raintyger

    What do I do about my late/absent boss?

    Weird situation here. About 3 months ago I got a new boss. He's young-ish, early 30s. There's 3 people in my department. Myself, my boss, and the department head. The department head works remotely on the East coast. My boss and I are in California, at the company headquarters where there are...
  4. raintyger

    Selecting an Estate (Will and Trust) Lawyer

    It's been nagging at me to get a will and trust done. I tried last year and had two bad experiences. One lawyer sent us a written letter stating what time and day our appointment was. When the big day came we took off from work and headed down to their office. Then we found out they had doubled...
  5. raintyger

    Name of TV series

    I can't recall the name of a TV series based on an episode, and it's bugging me. If anyone knows, can they tell me? The TV series takes place in a post-apocalyptic or post civilization breakdown setting. A group of survivors travels to a city where they encounter a take-no-prisoners gang-like...
  6. raintyger

    Book : Crafting with Cat Hair

    I could've used this one when I had my longhair!
  7. raintyger

    Ads creating extra page loads

     I have noticed that the browser on this site loads an ad. Shortly after that the browser's back button acts as if I clicked on/reloaded the web page. So for instance, ads have loaded twice since I started writing this e-mail. I now have 3 entries in my history for "New Thread in Site Help."...
  8. raintyger

    My Stand Mixer Broke! Recommendations for a new one?

    Bummer. Due to poor design, the bowl got lodged in a tilted (wrong) position while I was out of the room, and when I came back it smelled of electrical burn. It worked for a little while after, but now the paddle turns off or won't move. Just when I was getting used to the convenience of not...
  9. raintyger

    Double socking to make shoes fit

    Has anyone done this? I mail ordered a pair of boots that were on sale. I like them, but they're a size too big. One of my feet is smaller than the other. The larger foot fits OK with an insert, but the other one needs both an insert AND a double sock to make the shoe fit. If I do this, is there...
  10. raintyger

    Scented wax warmers

    Does anyone use these? I have a couple and am wondering how long I should heat the wax. Am I supposed to heat and heat until the wax dissipates completely? I have one scent that seems to go on and on forever, while a different brand lasts for a much shorter but decent amount of time. The one...
  11. raintyger

    The Interview

    Anyone planning on seeing this? If not for all the commotion, I probably would not have, but now I plan on purchasing it and showing it to everyone over the holidays just to make a statement in support of First Amendment rights.
  12. raintyger

    Self-Reminders 5 years in the future

    How can someone remind themselves to do something 5 years into the future? I've bought an appliance. The salesperson says their extended warranty plan is fully refundable if there have been no claims after the warranty expires. The big obstacles I see are 1.) actually remembering and 2.)...
  13. raintyger

    Convection Ovens

    We will probably have to replace our stove/oven soon. I was wondering if the difference between a convetional and a convection oven is huge? I like baking and am known as one of the bakers around the office, but I'm not all out crazy, either. I have bought several references, though, on baking...
  14. raintyger

    A Street Cat Named Bob and How He Saved My Life

    I hope this book is good! We're leaving for vacation on Sat. and I found this at Sam's Club, so I decided it would be my vacation book. Couldn't resist, so I read the first pages, seems OK.
  15. raintyger

    How to toast silvered almonds?

    Is there a secret? It seems like I'll toast them and they either come out undercooked and not crunchy or burnt. I got a big bag of them at Costco and I want to know how I can toast them without throwing out half the bag.
  16. raintyger

    Thermal blanket on sale at Amazon

    Non-electric thermal blanket to go on sale at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. and at 12 p.m.
  17. raintyger

    Do ice cube trays age?

    Totally stupid question, but this has been nagging me. I have a couple of old plastic ice cube trays. When I got them the ice cubes used to just pop out in a single cube no problem. Many years later and now the cubes always shatter and it is difficult to flex the trays. So do ice cube trays...
  18. raintyger

    How long did it take your kitty to conver from dry to wet?

    We always talk about how stubborn some of our kibble addicts can be. I thought it'd be fun/educational to get poll answers on this. I'm sure we'll get some answers on the way long end. Then we can show new members trying to convert that kitties don't necessarily just chow down whatever is...
  19. raintyger

    Order prescription glasses online?

    Has anyone ever done this? Were you happy with the results, and did you get something simple like single vision lenses or a complex order like progressives?
  20. raintyger

    Your Kitty Loves You!

    I thought I'd celebrate my graduation to Top Cat with some good news-- A scientist has shown pets release a "love hormone" when interacting with their owners. So your kitty loves you...