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  3. oava

    Oh my heart is aching...

    mY WONDERFUL CAT Cosmo is no longer here with me after 13 yrs he was put down ..he was so ill due to kidney poison. he was to weak to make it...Someday I well see my baby on the other I am gonna miss my kitty..
  4. oava


    How do you unsubscribe from this cate site? no help anywhere...
  5. oava

    What does your cat's name mean?

    Well we named our boys after sinfelds tv comedy...newman and cosmo...and the names fit them well.
  6. oava

    newbie here

    hey are cats could pass as brothers... tee hee
  7. oava

    newbie here

    Hey Jewell...welcome to the cat site. how cool you are from England....Iam from the cold state minnesota....burr
  8. oava

    Greetings from Minne-snow-ta!

    Welcome to TCS...nice to see a fellow minnesotan...Iam from the west central area... and it is still cool
  9. oava

    Hello :)

    Welcome lots of pets you the way, what is a spider pig? Chow...
  10. oava


    WELCOME!!!! To TCS ....So sad about your kitty
  11. oava

    new :)

    WELCOME!!!! TO THE CAT SITE......Your cats are so sweet looking. just babes
  12. oava

    Hey ALL!!

    Nice to meet you too!!
  13. oava

    Hey ALL!!

    That was so nice of all of you, for the welcomes..It was scary...but now I just have scars to show.....What was kinda cool,was that I didn't know I had any problems.. till Cosmo my grey tabby.. jumped on my lap and stepped on my tummy.. I cryed out in pain. went to the emergency room... The Dr...
  14. oava

    Hey ALL!!

    Haven't been on in awhile,actually a year ...doesn't seem possible... but true. Been nursing my self back to good health .Was in the hospital last year. My Appendix died and Gangreen set in. Was a rough ride. But with the grace of God I am here and still hello to all of you. and a...
  15. oava

    New member from Ohio

    Hello and Welcome
  16. oava

    Just registered to the forums!

    Hi Jen !!Welcome to T C F...
  17. oava

    New here!

    Hello Holli..and Welcome.. your kittys are so sweet just want to give them a hug and a scratch behind the ears
  18. oava


    Welcome to the cat site
  19. oava

    New to site

    Welcome.. and a great big hello
  20. oava

    Room for one more?

    Welcome to the Cat Site