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  1. jeannem

    Been awhile since I could log in

    It's been awhile. My desktop died and I have been using a slow laptop. Well my 'new' dell is up and running now. I hope to be checking in regularly with everyone! j
  2. jeannem

    Suki peeing on covers and careting

    Move this thread if it isn't in the right forum. Suki is 5 years old. We got her from the humane society. The litter box is the one that came with the 'starter kit'. We use Arm & Hammer scent free litter in it. Suki just started doing this a couple of weeks ago. I usually scoop the box 2-3 times...
  3. jeannem

    How do you make the text permenenly bigger?

    Other than CTL ++ Could be the font size is what I am looking for. j
  4. jeannem

    How to play with a cat, besides Flirt Pole

    Ever since I accidentally bopped Suki on the nose with one of the flirt poles I can't get her to play with it and chase it. I am 70 so running around is not one of my strong points. What to do to get her some exercise? J
  5. jeannem

    Siukis' first winter with us

    Sukis' new favorite places to sit are right beside the furnace vents. Where does your cat like to sit on cloudy winter days? J
  6. jeannem

    New Cat in the neighborhood.

    It's a big black one. We used to open the window in our eating area in the kitchen. One evening it came up on the porch and Suki screeched at it as I lifted about a foot out of my chair. We saw it in the back yard last night just before dark (so early now) and Suki ran from room to room...
  7. jeannem

    Number of flirt poles?

    How many do you own? On Mondays I have a lot of cleaning and laundry to do. I try to rotate which one I use. Suki doesn't seem to like any of them on some days. Then agin on other days she seems to like all of them. Is this Suki in her princess attitude? Cats are SO different from dogs! j
  8. jeannem

    Cold feet?

    Don't know if this is the right forum. Move it if so... I have noticed Sukis' feet pads are cold. We have a heating pad set up in a wooden box lined with towels, a heating pad on low. under a soft bathroom rug. Suki likes to need the rug with her paws I think I have figured out why she doesn't...
  9. jeannem


    I can't find them to review them. Sorry. I did look and can't find the sticky. Jeanne
  10. jeannem

    How much play time?

    I try to play with Suki every morning for a bit. I DO have other house work responsibilities though. I try to use the flirt pole for a little whenever she is out and about. I try to get her breathing hard. So how long should I be doing this. Suki will be 5 this winter. j
  11. jeannem

    Sudden aversion to flirt pole

    As of this morning Suki is afraid of the flirt pole. I had been using it for 5 minutes or so in the mornings to get rid of most of her zoomies before she ate some. Any ideas what may have happened over night? We keep the pole on top of a 2 drawer chest she can easily get to. That is where we...
  12. jeannem

    4 year old play?

    We adopted Suki a couple of months ago. I have tried making some homemade toys but the only toy she is interested in is the flirt pole. Is she too old for play time? J
  13. jeannem

    Small amount of Eye Goop

    Suki always has a small amount of goop (burgers) at the corner of her right eye. The eye itself is not red or swollen. Should I worry:help: j
  14. jeannem

    Hair Balls

    We experienced our first hair ball as we got up this morning...Right where hubby steps out of bed😱 I pulled out the brushes we had from our dogs. I think brushing Suki with be as easy as brushing Rascals' and Lucys' teeth (NOT). The one site I found on it was just like the one on brushing dog...
  15. jeannem

    When I hear thumps in the night

    It's just Suzi jumping down from someplace in the house. I am getting used to it now:D j
  16. jeannem

    Sukis' Well Cat Check Up

    Well whoever it was that told me that was 'kibble hype' was right. She hasn't lost or gained any weight in the last 3 weeks. ( More than I can say for me:bawling2:) Suki will need her teeth cleaned in a year and a couple pulled. No problem. That will not be as expensive as for our dogs. Only...
  17. jeannem

    Sukis' 'First kill'

    Last night after I went to bed, hubby said Suki was watching a junco on our back fence, staring and chirping away. This morning when I got up all her kibble was gone! I can only think that she dined heartily on her 'catch':hyper: j
  18. jeannem

    Where's Suki? and Week 2 Observations

    We go through this several times a day:) We are still discovering where she likes to nap. I think she is settling in very well. Suki will eat when I am in the kitchen too. If we get too close she will skitter away. I think we are learning the ways of the Queen:redheartpump: j
  19. jeannem

    Sukis' first week

    This afternoon Suki will have ruled us for a week. We got the tree in yesterday and she already is using it. Suki will eat when I am in the kitchen, but if I move suddenly or make noise she sprints out. We are hoping this kibble will help get her teeth cleaner. I don't like the idea of trying...
  20. jeannem

    So many questions

    Suki may have thrown up this morning. Hubby found a wet undigested kibble pile in the room where we dress. Also how do you keep a cat out of a cabinet when you are putting away dishes? I am keeping the litter box very clean. I don't want to give Suki an entire 5 oz. can of food. We are...