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  1. kittycatnap

    Yes or No game

    Yes Have you read and watched The Hunger Games?
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    Cute Kittens! Show Them Off!!!!

    I'ts adorable isn't it?
  3. kittycatnap

    Cute Kittens! Show Them Off!!!!

    They are adorable both of your guys' kitties! I love Harley's big ears btw! The kitten sleeping on another kitty! Too cute!
  4. kittycatnap

    shot sorness and in heat?

    It is DEFINITELY okay to spay her while in heat. The tail up thing, means she is in heat for sure. That date is fine just keep her in!!!!!
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    Hi! I'm Shelly. :)

    Oh you can call me Aimee, your kitties must be hyper things lol! And Thanks!
  6. kittycatnap

    Hi! I'm Shelly. :)

    I LOVE The Walking Dead!!!!!! And that's a lot of photos! lol I'll post my kitties for ya! BTW I love how you refer to your kitty Alice as psychopath! My boy Tiger My sweetheart Tooty, sorry it's blurry she decided to move when I took the pic! She also had 3 beautiful babies. This...
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    Hi! I'm Shelly. :)

    Both of your guys' kitties are adorable! I started the.... hmm 26th of May? Yea, I joined the 26th so far these people have been extremely nice!
  8. kittycatnap

    shot sorness and in heat?

    Well she is most likely in heat... meaning if you don't want kittens KEEP her in. Her hind legs are just probably sore, from the shot. Also, the behavior problems are from being in heat I would think. I'm just guessing here.
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    Can a cat carry kittens through a spay surgery?

    Please keep us posted and updated!!!!! This is really interesting..... Good Luck!!!!!!    <-------
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    Should I bring in another stray???????

    Oh that's terrible!!!!!!!! Not to sound like this will probably sound but, I guess you don't have to decide on keeping her.... 
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    mondays question of the day

    An amusement park in Branson,Mo
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    I'm 16 and need help with my cat :(

    Hmm... That's a toughy. Well I guess you could try cleaning the litter box, like I mean no trace it has ever been used. At what age can you drive in Texas? In MO it's 16, but if you could drive to the store and buy a new one. Make sure you clean it everyday! Offer to take care of her, as much as...
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    Can a cat carry kittens through a spay surgery?

    Lets just hope the clinic did their job the first time. So she may just be a a plus size kitty, lol. But their are some signs...
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    LETS SEE THEM CALICOS!! Share your pics of your calico\torti kitties

    I do also have a some-what patched kitty, Tooty. She is nothing like Callie, she is really sweet!  (I don't know the technical terms used) This pic was too cute, Callie(left), Tooty(right) And this is Tooty, sorry it's blurry; she moved.
  15. Kitties! 069.jpg

    Kitties! 069.jpg

  16. kittycatnap

    Why do I keep getting this message when I try to post a reply?

    I have no idea, but you can try asking a moderator... here is 1 you can try. http://www.thecatsite.com"text-align: center; ">- [email protected] KittyCatNap
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    My dogs hurt a stray kitten. Please help me.

    That is so true... it's scary!
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    Cute Kittens! Show Them Off!!!!

    Ok, Thanks! Good Luck with your kitten pictures, lol!
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    I am pretty positive my new roommate has a drinking problem............................

    You Go Girl! Lol  You can do it... but really he needs to get a hold of himself.
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    My Kitty, My Life

    Yes! I think we have enough cats to last for a while!