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  1. datagrrl

    Cat crying constantly

    Hi, I have an almost two year old spayed female we got at 8 weeks. She was born feral and has some personality quirks, but they have never really bothered us. She has started crying all of the time. It is really more of a moaning. Mostly she does it at our bedroom door when she wants in, but...
  2. datagrrl

    Interesting Video about dealing with the death of your pet.

    I read an article about this woman this morning. One of the comments linked to her video about dealing with her cat's cancer and death. Obviously this is just one opinion, but I think she handled this very similarly to how I would have done it, especially now that I know at home euthanasia is...
  3. datagrrl

    My adolescent cat

    I got my cat spayed at 12 weeks, she is not about four months old. Every morning after breakfast she attacks us. I know it is play aggression. I usually try and throw her Kickapoo towards her if it is within reach. She actually doesn't hurt us, but I don't want her to think it is acceptable...
  4. datagrrl

    Commercial Raw - Why stains bowls?

    I am trying to set up a reasonable feeding schedule for my 4 month old kitten. Due to long work schedules and a trip, I am trying to use an automatic feeder. My plan was to let the Primal Nuggets defrost over 8 hours with an ice pack in the feeder. This was the person who comes can just cone...
  5. datagrrl

    What tabby pattern

    I posted a pic of my kitten on FB and someone commented that she was a pretty mackerel tabby. I am pretty sure she is a classic. And yes, I purposely got a cat to match my kitchen floor.
  6. datagrrl

    Cats in the Sun

    This morning I had to come home because I left my laptop at the house. This made it kind of hard to go back to work :) Please feel free to share pics of your cats getting a little sun.
  7. datagrrl

    Curiosity almost killed my cat...

    I have a three month old kitten. She has just recently been allowed out to roam the main parts of my house. She wanders into the kitchen for food,and rarely into the bathroom. This morning I got out of the shower and was brushing my hair in the living room. We heard some noise at the back of...
  8. datagrrl

    First morning on raw (commercial)

    Phased out of kibble yesterday. This morni g she got the Primal Turkey hydrated with raw goats milk. Threw a bit of the tiki cat chicken on top. Thinking lunch will be a half a can of Fancy Feast and a spoon of the Tiki Cat. Three meals a day seems to work for her. Go back to the Primal for...
  9. datagrrl

    Spay Incision Question Warning pictures!

    I sprayed bitter apple on the incision to get her to stop chewing, since the two e collars I bought were not a valid solution. I know the bump is normal. Her spay was Thursday, I picked her up Friday. I kept her calm most of Friday through Saturday morning. She is eating and drinking okay. She...
  10. datagrrl

    Switching from commercial wet/dry to commercial raw. How to do it.

    Good afternoon- My kitten is three months old. She was born feral. I haven't had a cat since childhood, but her coat seems kind of rough and she sheds a lot. Not great for my husband's allergies. I started reading a lot about diet and skin and coat. Since we only have the one, a commercial...
  11. datagrrl

    After spay care question

    Not sure is this should be here or in care, but I will have a go. My cat was spayed yesterday and is coming home in a couple of hours. She has a hammock in her crate that is about a food off the floor at the highest. 8 inches or so in the middle. My husband thinks I should take it down and...
  12. datagrrl

    Boarding my young cat

    My cat will be 4 months old when I board her next month. She was a feral kitten who,is adjusting to her life pretty well. Still a bit of a scaredy cat. We need to leave town for 4 days next month. I found two boarding places that do cats. Neither are cat only. I am wondering if I should try...
  13. datagrrl

    Spay day for Glinda

    I decided to spay Glinda now. I don't know when I will be able to keep her confined for a cpl days, as I am planning on getting rid of the dog crate in the next couple of weeks. I am a bit of a wreck, they called and told me she had a heart murmur,but a very mild one. I told them then that I...
  14. datagrrl

    Acepromazine for human allergies to cat

    Good Morning- In line at the low cost clinic today I was talking to someone and she mentioned drops to add to a cat's water to help with allergies. I looked it up, and it assume she meant Acepromazine. She said she had a lot of success. My husband doesn't think his allergies are any more...
  15. datagrrl

    Are we ready to spay? Building trust in a feral kitten.

    We have had Glinda for four weeks now. For those of you who haven't read her story, I adopted a feral kitten at 8.5 weeks or so. I really didn't know what I was getting into. This is a picture from yesterday. She isn't actively attacking me. Twice recently she has been startled while I was...
  16. datagrrl

    Soft Paws opinions

    Good Afternoon, I have two soft paws questions. First what are your opinions and experience? How early have you used them effectively. We are building her a nice tree today, it isn't so much her scratching the furniture and climbing I have an issue with. She is a scaredy cat. We can hold her...
  17. datagrrl

    Litter Box Location help

    Hello We have a 3 month old feral kitten who is in a crate now. In the next couple of weeks she will be free in the house. I have a small house, less than 900 sq feet, no basement. We have a few options for litter box placement. Near the doorway inside the bathroom was my original plan. My...
  18. datagrrl

    Living With Cat Allergies

    Good Morning, We recently got a cat. My husband is allergic to cats, like many others it totally depends on the cat. His allergies have also gotten better over the years. He goes into people's houses for a living, cleaning their furniture. He would come home in the past and get very sick after...
  19. datagrrl

    New to cats and catsite

    I recently adopted what I now realize is a feral kitten. I joined this site to get information on socializing her. The information has been incredibly helpful. She has gone from what I believed would be a TNR kitten to a part of our family. Her name is Golda. She is about 8 weeks today, at...
  20. datagrrl

    8 week old, boy or girl? Pictures.

    I know most orange cats are male. The guy who gave her to me insists she is female. I took some pictures this morning. Can you help? These are all the same cat. The top pictures are more recent, as she got more comfortable.