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  1. rylee1494

    interactive cat toy on a schedule timer?

    Hi, I've been looking for toys like this myself! I recently purchased an interactive laser toy that my cats seem to like. I know some people don't like laser toys because they think their cat always looks for them but I've never had that problem. Once the laser goes away they just move on to...
  2. rylee1494

    rehoming cats massive guilt

    Yes, like you said since your 2 'new' cats are now inside at all times you are getting much more of a reaction vs. when you had an indoor/outdoor cat. Unfortunately your asthma makes this specific situation difficult because its hard to determine if the cats are the main cause or if your asthma...
  3. rylee1494

    rehoming cats massive guilt

    Sorry to hear this. I have mild cat allergies but they seem to have gotten better for the most part since having my cats. Did you know you were allergic to cats or did you ever spend any time with a friend or family's cat? I'm surprised you never had a reaction until now... It's too bad it's...
  4. rylee1494

    Food Storage Question

    Awesome, thank you!
  5. rylee1494

    Food Storage Question

    I will definitely be looking into the products mentioned. I think I may combine the food and if there was ever any stomach problems I would be fine with throwing the food out and going from there. Thanks so much for your help!
  6. rylee1494

    Food Storage Question

    Hi. We have recently purchased 2 different big bags of cat food. One for our kitten and one for our cat. Our kitten is 8 months and we are still giving him kitten food since they typically say to give it for the first year. We usually just keep the food stored in the bags they come in but these...
  7. rylee1494

    Litter Box Question

    Just a quick litter box question. My relatives are coming to stay with us for a few days and will be here tomorrow. One of the litter boxes is in the guest bedroom that they will be sleeping in. The litterbox is just in the corner of the room and our other litter box is in the corner of our...
  8. rylee1494

    New member with a very perfect small cat

    She is so cute, she has bright green eyes just like my cat! Enjoy the rest of the kitten stage, it sure goes by fast! :)
  9. rylee1494

    Stress stress and more stress.

    I've had some of these thoughts at times too, especially when I first got my cats. Its completely normal to think about but just make sure it's not consuming your whole day. I also know that this is may be on your mind more since you recently rehomed your foster cat and are making sure your...
  10. rylee1494

    New Cat & resident cat not getting along

    Hi! So its only been 3 days which is really nothing! It usually takes 2-3 weeks for most cats to get fully used to each other and sometimes can take a month or so just for them to be civil. Definitely give it more time and take it slow, you are most likely to have success by following the...
  11. rylee1494

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Remi & RiRi. Remi gets himself into all kinds of interesting positions and RiRi's favorite spot to nap is by Leo's heat lamp 😄
  12. rylee1494

    Behavior specialist for introductions

    So good to hear that the cats are making progress. Any progress is good, even if its slow! I also introduced my adopted female cat to my resident male cat. I researched all the steps of cat introductions and was willing to take it slow. I told my partner about the steps but he thought it would...
  13. rylee1494

    Suggestions for acclimating new kitty

    Hi and welcome! It sounds like you don't have any other cats so at least you don't have to worry about cat introductions! I agree with the posts above. You will get a feel for her comfort level and how curious/shy she is. When I adopted my 3 year old cat she hid under the bed a lot (especially...
  14. rylee1494

    Behavior specialist for introductions

    Hi! I agree with the posts above in that it may benefit you to read similar post or threads! I had a problem introducing my cats and it took several slow months to get them just to be civil with each other. I would only recommend a cat behavior specialist if you have given it at least 3 weeks...
  15. rylee1494

    Cat does not like my partner

    Thanks to everyone who responded! I enjoyed reading your replies and feel reassured that she may eventually come around to my partner and if not, well I guess that just makes me feel special (a little sad for my partner) but nothing I can change lol! I have had a few friends that have cats that...
  16. rylee1494

    Cat does not like my partner

    Hello! We've had our second cat, RiRi, for about 3 months now. I know this is still a fairly short amount of time but thought that she would have warmed up to my partner a little bit more. I'm sure she is just taking her sweet time which is fine with me but I was wondering if anyone had any...
  17. rylee1494

    Our new kitten

    What a cutie! I have two grey cats myself. Enjoy the kitten stage, it goes by fast! :)
  18. rylee1494

    Acting scared of me and flinching

    I don't have any experience with this myself but after doing some research you may want to take him in to see his vet if she carries on with the same behavior, especially if its abnormal behavior. Worse case scenario could possibly be that she has some hidden pain and may be stand offish because...
  19. rylee1494

    How do you protect your plants from your cats?

    Great idea! I was just wondering about this myself the other day. I have a houseplant that my cats have been trying to chew on as well. Hopefully Po doesn't get clever and somehow manage to get to the plants. I've just about had to move my plant to every different location in my house haha! The...
  20. rylee1494

    new home, kitties still not getting along

    I agree with the advise above, start the reintroduction process over again, and go slow. I'm not sure if you said how long its been since you've moved but it can take a LOT of time for cats to even just be civil with each other. We had to do the reintroduction process three times with our two...