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  1. nurseangel

    Christmas my MIL

    I know we've gone through gifts for (I'd better not say elderly, my MIL would kill me) more mature folks in the past. I remember saying that stamps were a good gift. My MIL has everything she needs, but she has a lot of car trouble. What do you think about a AAA membership? She has an older...
  2. nurseangel

    Any Funny Stories?

    I laughed a little about this. It seems like everything in my house, from the dishwasher, to the alarm system (yes, we forget sometimes and have to run to punch in the code) beeps or buzzes or makes some kind of racket. I have a French door refrigerator which I love, except it carries on...
  3. nurseangel

    Blackberry Has Crossed

    My sweet three-legged girl Blackberry crossed the RB today with lung cancer. Everything happened so fast; she was PTS today. She is the cat in my avatar, back before her leg was amputated. My heart is broken and I do not know what to do. Please somebody help me.
  4. nurseangel

    Cat Not Eating. Please Help.

    One of our cats, Rue, began making a strange coughing type noise yesterday and was hiding. She wasn't eating or drinking; she wasn't acting her normal self. We have a cat-proof fence in the backyard, and she is indoor/outdoor. She does hunt. She is UTD on her vaccinations. We took her to...
  5. nurseangel


    I wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but wanted to share the story of cat rescued from the devasting fires sweeping the south.  It contains a link for anyone who wants to help, and I hope that's okay to post, too...
  6. nurseangel

    Family History?

    I'm very interested in family history, but recently learned of something unsettling.  One of my cousins has recently been researching our family tree.  I know we have American Indian heritage, but she discovered something that sent chills down my spine.  One of my female ancestors, a Cherokee...
  7. nurseangel

    Spider Mites! (On my tomato plants, not my cats!)

    I am at war with the spider mites.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I don't want to use anything that will harm bees or other beneficial insects.  I tried a home remedy of biodegradable dish detergent, cooking oil, and water, but it killed the blooms on my plant.  I ordered something called...
  8. nurseangel

    Fondue pot

    Does anyone have a fondue pot?  Are they easy to use?  Do you use it frequently?  I am thinking about buying an electric one and wondering if it would be worth it.  My only contact with fondue has been at the Melting Pot.  I think DH and I would like one, but I don't want something that's...
  9. nurseangel

    Hurricane Joaquin

    Is anyone else expecting problems from this storm?  In my area, we are looking at a lot of rain, possible high winds, possible flooding.  I think it could get ugly.  I hope everyone is safe that finds themselves in its path, whether directly or indirectly.  I am stressing.
  10. nurseangel

    I'm a pickle addict...

    And I had an amazon gift card just burning a hole in my pocket.  So instead of ordering books like I normally do, I ordered a case of pickles (in cans!) from Israel.  I balked at the price, but justified them because they were "free".  When a reviewer stated they were the best pickles they had...
  11. nurseangel

    What are the best shows or exhibits you have ever seen?

        For me, it was the "Mummies of the World" exhibit at Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC.  My mom paid for tickets for me, my brother and his wife because she knew how much I wanted to go.  It was incredible.   I also loved the Rockettes Christmas Show.  They were gorgeous and had the most...
  12. nurseangel


    I found you as a tiny kitten mewing around my house.  I couldn't sleep for several nights, because you kept me awake.  We fed you, DH and I, but we couldn't catch you.  Finally, I saw you on playing in the top of a broken tree, with your little hand stuck through a knot-hole.  I got DH, and he...
  13. nurseangel

    Pet Medication Costs

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the appropriate thread (maybe it should be in IMHO), but I am alarmed at how much medication costs when purchased at my vet's office.  I first noticed a few years ago; Blackberry has a severe skin condition and we have to be diligent about keeping up with her...
  14. nurseangel

    Daisy - the Shredder

    I posted on her a few years back about how Daisy likes to shred.  I was thinking maybe it was a phase she would get over.  "Once a shredder, always a shredder," a member wisely told me.  And she told me true.  Daisy still loves to shred.  But I have noticed a suspicious tendency to her shredding...
  15. nurseangel


    I don't wear much jewelry and seldom buy any for myself, but I just got a new Moldavite ring.  It arrived today from the Czech Republic.  (The pictures are from the eBay seller; I could never take a close up like that.)   It was inexpensive, around $30.00 + shipping.  I am fascinated by...
  16. nurseangel

    Spinach dip question

    I have been happily making spinach dip for years, the kind made with dry vegetable soup mix.  Today, I was reading the recipe on the back of the soup mix packet and saw something I'd never noticed before. The directions said to cook, cool and drain the spinach before adding it to the mix.  I've...
  17. nurseangel

    Too cute...

    ...not to share. 
  18. nurseangel

    Favorite meals

    I was thinking the other night about some of the gourmet meals I'd eaten on a cruise ship.  Most of them were delicious, but I would rather have a Manwich anytime.  I love them so much I could be a spokesperson for the Manwich company.    What about you?  Are there any simple, inexpensive meals...
  19. nurseangel

    Attention New Members!

    Hi and welcome all to TCS!  Just a friendly reminder to check out the contest specifically for new members.  If you haven't entered already, please have a look at the rules.  It's a fun opportunity and the more the merrier.  
  20. nurseangel

    To splotch or not to splotch

    DH and I are remodeling our kitchen and with the exception of a few minor incidents, everything has gone remarkably smooth.  Well, other than the fact that they started a Popeye's Chicken in our town and built the entire restaurant before our cabinets were even installed.  (We've had our fridge...