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    Ziwi Pet and constipation?

    Hi all was wondering if anyone else here fed their cat ziwi pet wet or air dried cat food, and how their cat bowel movements were doing on it? I’ve been feeding mine a mix of ziwi dry and wet 50/50, and she seems to be more constipated on it than other foods (haven’t tried many bc of her...
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    MSB vs Carbs

    Hi there all TLDR version: I was wondering if anyone has much knowledge or an opinion on what's worst in cat food ingredient between MSB (Menadione sodium bisulfite) vs a high carb content (greater than 20% on DMB)? I know the recommended carb DMB is less than 10%. I'm selecting between lower...
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    Lily flower smell hurt cat?

    Hi there Does anyone know if the smell of lilies are harmful to cats? I know the plant and all it’s parts is incredibly dangerous (just learned this tonight), but what about the smell? Korra Kat didn’t ingest any parts or have any pollen on her, but we had a Lily bouquet that went from just one...
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    When is third eyelid a concern?

    Hi there I just learned about the third eyelid in cats today. So I checked my kitty to see if I could see hers, and if Im understanding correctly, I can. So I went back through her photos since I’ve gotten her and it seems like she’s had her third eyelid showing pretty much the entirety of the...
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    toy prey= meal time?

    Korra Kat and I have made up a routine that consist of play time for 10-15 minutes then meal time. I play with her w/ a rope that she chases and attacks, similarly to how I imagine she'd catch a prey. anyways, she'll bring me the rope meowing loudly and drop it in front of me- sometimes after...
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    Cat Communication buttons

    Hi all I just learned about cat communication buttons and how there’s some Instagram and tiktok accounts with their cats doing such thing. I’ve been teaching Korra Kat to brush And sit on command. She’s been doing really well. I was thinking of adding this to the repertoire. Has anyone tried...
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    Cat food samples

    Rawz just sent me 4 FOUR! 5.5 oz cans of free cat food samples. I couldn’t find any near me and didn’t want to have to buy a whole case only to learn that Korra Kat hated it. (For some reason she stopped eating wet food when she was sick and I was fearful the transition would be tough.) I had...
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    How to look at her skin?

    Hi there I was giving Korra Kat a good petting today and I noticed her lower back area, right before her tail, had two good size bumps on them. About 1/8” or 3/8” in diameter, def not larger than 1/4”. I think it hurts her when I touch them bc she doesn’t let me touch them for very long (1-2...
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    vet getting kickbacks?

    hi there does anyone know for certain that vets get kickbacks on certain types of food or pet insurance they push? I've read some stories on here that are awfully concerning, and I too have had my vet be very insistent on a prescription diet despite the dermatologist vet begging to differ...
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    Cat Food Ingredients- Pick your poison

    I'm still figuring out cat food ingredients, and what it all really means with all the marketing and actual truths. I did a semi deep dive this week, but I'm sure I'm at the tip of the iceberg. SHORT BRIEF: I did a bunch of research/reading and my big question and the thing I have yet to...
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    Cats drive for food- what’s normal?

    We adopted a cat at 2.5 years old. She’s been with us for 5 months now. She was previously a stray that was found with her litter of kitten. (Though not 100% feral cause she sweet and does exhibit some “house trained” cat behaviors so I think she had an owner at one point) She’s progressively...
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    for sale allowed?

    are we allowed to post items for sale on this site? I did a quick searched and didn't see any for sale posts so it made me skeptical if this was site allowed or not. I have an auto feeder thats brand new that I need to sell. thanks.
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    Coughing cat -help!

    Hi all Korra, my cat, has had sneezing fits ever since I brought her home from the shelter. It was only a few sneezes a day. After two and half weeks of having her, she started having coughing fits and being incredibly congested. The vet saw her and agreed she had upper respiratory infection. We...