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  1. Ellis75

    Is this a normal activity level?

    To me that sounds like a normal activity level for an adult cat. My two year old boy has about the same activity level. Once they get past their kitten stages (which often last until two years), they usually calm down a lot and prefer sleeping/lazing around much of the time. If he seems content...
  2. Ellis75

    I don’t want to rehome anyone.. help!:(

    Hi! How long ago was Roo in and out of the vet? It's not uncommon for one cat to become aggressive towards another after vet visits, partly due to all the weird smells on the cat that was at the vet. Did the fights start around that time, or was that too long ago to be related?
  3. Ellis75

    My female cat is OBSESSED with one of my other cats. Can cats fall in love?

    Male cats can certainly bond with other male cats. Two cats can bond regardless of their sex.
  4. Ellis75

    Black whiskers and hairs on a red male cat

    I also suspect it's the same reason orange cats get "freckles," I wonder if the skin at the base of the dark whiskers and fur is dark/freckled as well. My orange girl has one black cheek whisker and two black eyebrow whiskers, as well as scattered dark hairs, and she's had them since I adopted...
  5. Ellis75

    Enlarged Adrenal Gland upon Ultrasound

    Hi, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Adrenal issues are really unusual in cats. Do you know if both adrenal glands were enlarged or only one? Would you be able to consult with an Internal Medicine specialist, at either a veterinary university like Furballsmom said, or a specialty...
  6. Ellis75

    Anyone have experience with AIHA/autoimmune disordered with kitten/cat?

    I am so sorry for your loss. I don't have any experience with my own pets having AIHA (typically now called IMHA, or immune mediated hemolytic anemia), but I was a vet tech in a hospital that treated some IMHA patients. It is absolutely not your fault. Anemias that can be caused by diet are...
  7. Ellis75

    Separating 2yr old brother cats

    How long has he been peeing in the house? Is he neutered? When you took him to the vet, did they check for a UTI? I know some people have had great luck with Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter, have you tried that? It's designed to be appealing to cats who have issues using the litter box. I would...
  8. Ellis75

    Mama gave birth!

    Hi! The Royal Canin Kitten is an ok substitute, but be aware that it's much lower in calories than the Mother & Kitten (282 calories/cup vs. 479 calories/cup), since the plain kitten one is meant for older neutered kittens, which have a lower energy requirement than young, unneutered kittens...
  9. Ellis75

    Am I an Albino?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like there might be a little orange on the kitten's nose. If that's true, he could turn out to be a flame point (like my boy in the picture). They're pointed in the same sense as siamese; they start out white when they're born and then develop color on the...
  10. Ellis75

    Behavior specialist for introductions

    I don't know of anyone to recommend unfortunately, but maybe people here can help you in the meantime. How long has it been since you got her, and what have you done to introduce them so far? Are they separated from each other? Tension between a resident cat and a new cat is normal and may not...
  11. Ellis75

    Dieting a cat without losing my mind?

    I agree a puzzle feeder or a slow feeder that makes him work for his food might help, if transitioning him to meal times doesn't work. I would also just add, make sure you get him checked out by his vet if you haven't recently, because there are some medical conditions that cause cats to be...
  12. Ellis75

    Help on understanding cat nutrition + history

    Pet food is very confusing, especially with seemingly infinite options and extremely varied opinions. Try not to stress too much. Looking at the ingredients, Blackwood cat food just seems average, not especially harmful or helpful. The same is true for a lot of super market brand wet foods...
  13. Ellis75

    Need some new treats!

    There are a lot of cat treats made of single ingredient freeze dried meat that are really good, like the PureBites a couple people have mentioned. My cats have loved both the Life Essentials and the Whole Life Pet freeze dried chicken. Freeze dried treats are nice because they're not too calorie...
  14. Ellis75


    You could try an ice pack or warm pack and see if that helps with her itching. Some cats are perfectly fine without the cone post surgery, while others immediately try to lick the incision and get it infected. A lot of vets will give you a cone just in case. If she's trying to itch, I would keep...
  15. Ellis75

    This guy’s name is ‘Maximizer’ from the woods in alaska

    He looks to have had a domestic cat as a father. While there are rumors of bobcats breeding with domestic cats, I don't believe there are any confirmed cases. If he were half bobcat, he would be much larger and more wild looking. He's a very handsome domestic shorthair :)
  16. Ellis75

    Cat seems PERFECTLTY fine but doesn't eat well

    How much do you offer her and how much does she eat, and how old is she?
  17. Ellis75

    Need help or advice

    Please don't continue to let her mate, as that won't solve your problem and will only create more in the form of kittens, which are going to be rambunctious and expensive to take good care of. The only thing you can do is get your male cat neutered ASAP and get your female spayed once she's no...
  18. Ellis75

    My cat doesn't like to be held

    If she's food motivated, you might try clicker training her to tolerate being picked up. There are some good resources online that detail how to initiate clicker training, but it basically involves using a clicker or the click of a pen, quickly followed by a treat, to signal that the cat did...
  19. Ellis75

    Cat acts weird when scratched on the back

    Some cats (and dogs) also do that licking when you're scratching a good itch for them, maybe a spot he can't easily reach himself. Either way, seems like it just feels so good he can't contain himself!
  20. Ellis75

    Messy cone

    What kind of cone do you have? You could try getting a wrap around velcro cone if you don't have that kind already. When you want to take off the dirty cone, put the velcro one on around it, so she's wearing two cones for a second. Then take the dirty cone off, leaving the clean one on. It makes...