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  1. stephenq

    Known Issue Searching For Articles

    Hi, i went looking for an article i wrote and found the following. On the old site you could see all the articles in a given category at once, now they show one page at a time, so an article that now lives on page 8 say may never get seen..... can this be addressed? There isn't even a search...
  2. stephenq

    Resolved Can't Edit And Save Signature

    If i try and edit my signature - i'm just trying to reduce the blank lines between links - I get these errors, Your signature is 162 character(s) too long. Your signature is 3 line(s) too long. Your signature may only have 1 image(s). But the signature is fine if i don't try and edit...
  3. stephenq

    Resolved Emailed Links To Subscribed Threads All Broken

    All my emailed links to subscribed threads are all broken. Is this permanent? Thanks Stephen
  4. stephenq

    Mabel's crossing the bridge post

    I posted Mabel in the crossing the bridge forum, visible here.  Our sweet Mabel.
  5. stephenq


    On Monday we said goodbye to our dear Mabel, age about 11, deaf from birth and adopted on vacation.  I volunteered at this shelter in the mornings cleaning cat cages, and when the time came, we couldn't leave her behind.  She's been in the shelter 2 years, and no one was going to take her.  Sh...
  6. stephenq

    Offline for a bit

    Dear all Many of you know me as one who hangs around the medical forum and contributes often, in my own very dry way :). I will likely be offline for a day or so, taking final care of our Mabel.
  7. stephenq

    Finding good Vet care in India

    From time to time we get posts from people in India who are trying to find quality vet care for cats in India, including a recent new member who has a thread below this one...
  8. stephenq

    My Mabel, liver cancer

    Hi all, For those of you who know me, you know i rarely ask for support, I'm the one usually giving it.  On wed, our dear 11 year old deaf cat Mabel, adopted on vacation 1500 miles from home last march, was diagnosed with a very rare liver/bile duct cancer called Cholangio Carcinoma via liver...
  9. stephenq

    Gall bladder duct infection

    One of my cats a deaf rescue named Mabel we adopted at age 10 has a gall bladder duct infection that has resisted all treatments so far and she is now facing the possibility of both surgery and a liver biopsy (liver isn't doing well either).  Any one with experience appreciated for this fairly...
  10. stephenq

    A Street Cat Named Bob - the movie

    It's in limited release but if oyu can find it, go see it!  Its the real story of a homeless guy in london who is "rescued" by a street cat named......Bob! And maybe the best part, Bob plays himself in the movie and his trainer is the former homeless guy James who is now doing great. Based on...
  11. stephenq

    Mabel, 10 years old and deaf, adopted on vacation

    Hi there, While vacationing in St. John, USVI i volunteered with their cats and at the end, couldn't say goodbye to this sweet, 10 year old deaf cat that had been there 2 years and no one wanted.  Here she is in the shelter, and she is adjusting nicely in her new home with our other cats.  You...
  12. stephenq

    Transport and donations needed for the Animal Care Center of St. John (USVI)

    I was recently lucky to be vacationing on the island of St. John in the US virgin islands and did some volunteering at this great (and the only) shelter on the island.  One of the major ways they help dogs and cats is by transporting them up to no-kill shelters in the states.  At the end of our...
  13. stephenq

    524 Cats and Dogs Go Home

    After "The Haven - Friends for Life" shelter in Raeford NC was raided by police and the ASPCA, many of them very sick, this past weekend, all 524 cats and dogs were adopted. Every single one.  Old dogs, with arthritis, some cats and dogs with cancer (who are getting long term medical care...
  14. stephenq

    Great techniques for socializing ferals

    Hi My friend mike is the president of the urban cat league and has this amazing technique for taming feral kittens  and i thought i would share the links. and videos at
  15. stephenq

    Away Time

    Hi all, Many of you know that i regularly contribute to the health forum and so you may have noticed my absence recently.  Basically my mom was hospitalized for injuries received in a fall, and i am concentrating on her recovery right now, and as a result I am in a semi-leave of absence mode...
  16. stephenq

    Finicky cats who get more finicky when given more choices

    A while back someone posted a link to an article about cats who get progressively more finicky when more feeding choices are offered.  Like they keep holding out for the newest flavor.  If anyone knows this link I would be grateful if you could post it. 
  17. stephenq

    The best quote I've seen for anyone who has lost their friend.

    "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary...
  18. stephenq

    I have lost my Simon after 15 years

    I rarely post about my own cats as I am generally busy trying to help others with theirs but some of you know that my best friend Simon who has struggled with IBD for years, finally developed an IBD related cancer in the past few months, an internal mast cell cancer. We started a very specific...
  19. stephenq

    Anyone with experience using Cat Sure liquid food supplement?

    Has anyone had experience using Cat Sure liquid food supplement?  It seems geared towards underweight cats especially with renal failure. Thanks!
  20. stephenq

    Experiences with Cytoxin for small cell lymphoma?

    Some of you know that my cat Simon has been battling severe IBD for some time, and it has progressed to the point that yesterday we were able to get a diagnosis of cancer/small cell lymphoma via a needle aspirate of his lymph nodes after a repeat ultrasound that was done after some serious GI...