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  1. meuzettesmom

    A Hiding Kittykitty

    Does anyone else have cat who hides? Mine is in the kitchen cupboard.
  2. meuzettesmom

    All Egg Lovers Out Therethere

    My Willie lovers eggs. He get disappointed if I don't scramble them. For wants to lick the bowl. He is the only one though. Out of eight... weird. He will eat them cooked as well.
  3. meuzettesmom

    Our Window Seatseat

    We watch a lake all day and night.
  4. meuzettesmom

    Mewzettes Mommom

    I am not CowboyPeanut and MeuzettesMom... It is hard to use this name since she has been gone for so many years...yet.... She is missed so much.
  5. meuzettesmom

    Fabreeze And Cats

    Is fabreeze still bad for cats? They are putting it in litter now... We can't use it, can we?
  6. meuzettesmom

    Cat Tvtv

    This is my cats new bird watching post. Bought this trailer for a dollar for them....
  7. meuzettesmom

    How Deee!

    I was here years ago... Now back hope we can talk cat together. Jill and Peanut, Willie, Ray, Mittens, Cazzy, Lucky Charms, Cowboy& Speedy
  8. meuzettesmom

    why not corn?

    My cats will eat corn in its natural state. But not potatoes, rice, or those other ingredients. My Lucky is good for at least three kernels of popcorn.
  9. meuzettesmom

    black nails

    Have you noticed there are mostly white nails on cats. Even black ones..
  10. meuzettesmom


    Not many chat on here. Some are mad. Use to be a pleasant place to make friends with cats as our common interest. Sure there are different ways and views of how to do that. Hope someone on here wouldn't mind chit chatting with me?
  11. meuzettesmom


    It has been sometime since I been on here. Meuzette is gone now. Took me a while to feel I could face folks again. Oh I have eight still here love them, just not the rock of our clowder. I called her mommy kitty for a reason. Two of my guys, Peanut and Lucky
  12. meuzettesmom

    Meuzette has crossed

    Took me a long time to admit it. I am still lonely MY mom cat is gone,
  13. meuzettesmom

    motorized litterbox

    I have been thinking about getting one of these. Does anyone have one? and do you like it? There are so many kinds, somebody must be buying them
  14. meuzettesmom

    pimple puzzle

    My two year old tabby has bumps all over his body. I searched for fleas first, nobody there. These bumps are ichy and will crust over. Bathe to cure? or vitamins? Nerosporin is my cure for all for most things. But all over his body? I think that is too much. Not sure what next.
  15. meuzettesmom

    A game for a computer

    I found the perfect computer game for me to play. Super Granny. An old lady who collects cats. Its really for kids, Just thought someone else would enjoy it too. So I thought I would tell you about it. Fun game for cat people.
  16. meuzettesmom

    Feeding Kibbles

    Yes... I do STILL feed dry food to my nine cats. That is mostly by their choice and my money flow problem. Some is better than none. Their choice is Purina ONE for kittens. I try to move to better Blue Buffalo Widerness, Core and Wellness. But alas, they like the Purina ONE kitten food. That...
  17. meuzettesmom

    still happy with raw?

    For those of you who have been feeding raw for awhile. Are your cats still doing well on it?
  18. meuzettesmom

    litterbox problem

    I have had this one cat for seven years now. I been working with him about using a box. He goes like his mother taught him. On the carpet, in his usual spot. She was a outside cat. This isn't a health problem. I tried using clumping litter, clay, christals, newspaper, carpet sample How do I...
  19. meuzettesmom

    Muscle problem

    My sister in law has a bangel cat that dislocated her hip. The vet adjusted it. But she isn't better and is losing muscle mass. Can she have MS or MD? MY sister inlaw is thinking on putting her down, thinking the cat is in too much pain. The cat is eating IAMS dry. Sorry ladies not even dan...
  20. meuzettesmom

    Cat Retreating

    I am having trouble with my six year old male neutered cat. He sleeps in the extra room that has many boxes in it. He doesn't come out to eat for days. He wants outside. Wants to be a feral. I won't let him. Should I just let him go? Make him a happy cat... out there? Am I killing him with my...