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  1. stacydc83

    Would you just drink from the fountain!

    So a little over a week ago, we got a fancy fountain for Lily & Zoe. Stainless steel, multiple spouts... They both really need to drink more water. Especially Lily, since she has bladder stones, reoccuring UTI's. No one will touch it! We've tried splashing the water, showing them the water...
  2. stacydc83

    Still miss you Callie.

    Tomorrow, it'll be four years since we lost Callie. I can't believe its been that long. Four years ago, August 18, 2016, I went for my walk, I remember being so proud of myself, I think I'd hit almost 5 miles that day, and as I walking towards the house, I saw something in the road. It looked...
  3. stacydc83

    Whats up with Lily's eye?

    So I just noticed,Lily has alot of tearing/discharge coming from her eye. It's clear, like tears. I think its done it before, but its quite watery. Of course I googled it and all kinds of viruses came up, and I highly doubt its that. It's not bothering her. Shes actually PLAYING right now...
  4. stacydc83

    Isnt it early to be shedding so much?

    I noticed Lily is shedding like crazy the last few days. Shouldn't she be holding onto her coat since it's only mid January? Maybe its the flip flop of the weather. Past few days have been average 30s and 40s but this weekend its supposed to be rainy and near 70. And her body is just confused...
  5. stacydc83

    nutrivet pumpkin?

    I was just browsing petco's website and came across a pumpkin for cat's and dogs.. Whatcha think? or is regular pumpkin puree our best bet? I get pulled in by the "extra ingredients" and makes me wanna try it. Ingredients Pumpkin, apple pomace, spinich, dried tomato pomace, choline chloride...
  6. stacydc83

    Were ready for Christmas, and we are getting along!

    Look at us getting along!
  7. stacydc83

    Then and now Christmas <3

    My time hop showed me today two pictures of Lily under the tree, from 7 years ago today. So, I had to re take the same pictures today
  8. stacydc83

    NO clue what to get them for Christmas!

    So I haven't even started my human Christmas shopping yet, let alone kitty Christmas shopping! I have no idea what to get the girls this year. I've bought them so many toys over the last few years, their toy box is overflowing with toys that are never touched. But I have to get them things. Lily...
  9. stacydc83

    Update on Lily and Zoe-going to vet

    I figure I'll just start a new thread on this. I rode to the vet, and of course they couldn't give me any advice on the diarrhea, since they don't know the cause. Soo. 3 PM I'm bringing both girls in. Urgh. I hate going to the vet, they hate it, its so hard to get them in carriers. And they cry...
  10. stacydc83

    What's going on with Zoe?! Diarrhea

    So since late Saturday night, Zoe has been having diarrhea. It started out just as squirts, but its still continuing. 99% sure it's just her, though there is a slight possibility Lily does too. I haven't watched them both all day. But I know Zoe does, I've seen her go into the litter box and go...
  11. stacydc83

    Winter squash anyone?

    So last time I was at Pet Valu, the cashier tried selling me Primal "winter squash" for cats and dogs. At first I was like nah no thanks. But I got to thinking about it. I already give Lily pumpkin a few times a week, sometimes just pumpkin, and sometimes mixed with EZ Egg Yolk. Maybe this would...
  12. stacydc83

    The little things she does that makes me know she loves me

    Tonight the girls were home alone. I had a closing shift and my parents had gone to a party. They got home a little before me and my mom told me that Lily was disappointed that I didn't come in with them. She was waiting at the door when they came in and looked very disappointed that I didnt...
  13. stacydc83

    ways to get the EZ egg yolk in Lily?

    I got the EZ egg yolk delivered yesterday, and just tried it with Lily. As suspected, she would not eat it, and I had it mixed in with chicken baby food. Would not touch it. so, I attempted to just stick it on my finger and get it in her mouth. I got a tiny bit in, but not a lot, no where near...
  14. stacydc83

    EZ egg yolk shipping?

    I decided to give the EZ egg Yolk a shot with Lily, to help with her constipation and hair ball issues. I got the email of my purchase, just no shipping confirmation yet. I ordered it on Tuesday. It had said it typically takes one to two days to be shipped, and its sent priority, so I assumed it...
  15. stacydc83

    just me, the worry wort, Zoe's eye?

    so I took Lily & Zoe on one of our "walks" today, and Zoe had been rolling around in dirt, and I noticed when she was sitting on a tree stump, she was rubbing her eye. Well she's still rubbing her eye, at midnight, so about 11 hours. She'll open it sometimes, but she keeps it closed a lot of...
  16. stacydc83

    would this be considered "innapropriate elimination"?

    So I haven't been watching Lily's "output" as closely the last few days, because I'm FINALLY working again! My Mom told me that when she was walking around outside, she found a pile of sand and leaves, and was curious to what it was. It was A BIG poop. And it had to be Lily, since Zoe (even...
  17. stacydc83

    What's So "yummy" About Royal Canin Wet?

    So anyone who's read any of my posts, know how PICKY and stubborn Lily & Zoe are, and how I've been struggling to get them to eat more wet. For dinner, they usually eat pretty well the Whole Hearted Tuna varieties -very mushy,easy to lick up, but I don't like all that fish and all the time, I'm...
  18. stacydc83

    Old Picture, Mad Little Lily

    LOL, this popped up on my time hop from 7 years ago. Lily was covered in fleas as a kitten and this is a picture of her after her bath.
  19. stacydc83

    My Anxiety Is Getting Outta Control Over Her

    I'm not looking for advice on this, because there really is no answer. I just need to vent, and to talk. I've realized my anxiety is getting so bad with Zoe. Tonight I nearly started balling simply because I couldn't find Zoe when I called her outside, and she didn't come to me. It wasn't even...
  20. stacydc83

    Just Want To Brag About How Good My Girls Are :)

    My Mom went out of town this morning, and I had promised my bf that I'd spend the day with him. so that meant-Lily & Zoe stuck in the house ALL day alone. I got home at about 745 tonight, both girls greeted me. and my original plan was just to not let Zoe out at all, but she wanted out so BAD...