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    What's happened to my sweet kitten?

    Well, if it's just a little "tortitude," I'll take it. She's really a great girl - luckily I don't have too many visitors! And a small space so it's not easy for her to hide out. I do get a good laugh out of her at my parents place. She does what I refer to as the "running hiss" where she...
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    What's happened to my sweet kitten?

    Hi all, haven't been here in a long time. Wondering about my 3 yo female tortie. When I adopted her, her report was "sweet and sociable." Which she was for a long time. Then I introduced her to my boyfriend's XL male cat. They are totally BFF now. She was always sweet to strangers. Then, one...
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    How much is too much....catnip?!

    I'd still keep it away from them because it's MUCH more fun to be there to watch them get high on the stuff!!! My cat doesn't get too into it, but my boyfriend's cat goes crazy on it. Drooling, rolling around in it... it's very funny! I only get it from a woman I work with, so he only...
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    Licking: Blinds, Leather, Duffel Bags, etc.

    MY Smokie licks people! You put your hand out to pet her and she licks YOU! Nose, cheeks, legs, arms, toes... My boyfriend's cat, though, licks his blinds sometimes. I always thought it was kind of gross, but he seems to like it. It's annoying when you're trying to sleep though! He also licks...
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    Drama Queen In Training

    Well, they're both so adorable!! My boyfriend makes sure his cat and my cat get equal affection because he doesn't want his to get jealous! Smokie's the baby, and the more affectionate one, so it's hard to give them equal time!
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    When is your pet's birthday?

    YAY!!! Smokie thanks you klucheta!! She's not usually so demanding!! ;-)
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    I knew it had to happen eventually--Jack fell in the toilet.

    Yeah, woooo! Good times! My boyfriend gets mad at me, "Why do you let her do that????" It's not like I let her drink out of there! And it seems to amuse her!
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    I knew it had to happen eventually--Jack fell in the toilet.

    They are apparently very exciting indeed... (Don't worry, it's a clean toilet!!)
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    When is your pet's birthday?

    Smokie's going to start feeling like "The Beast" (pictured above). She keeps getting dropped off the list and would like to be represented!! July 3, 2004 - Smokie - duke816
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    I knew it had to happen eventually--Jack fell in the toilet.

    Glad we're not alone!!! When Smokie was a kitten, she took off running out of bed one morning when she heard my boyfriend in the bathroom and I just heard this big yell, 'OH. MY. GOD!' Apparently my little angel took a running headfirst dive into the "pool" while it was "being filled." Oops...
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    when do kittens stop playing in their litterboxes?

    If you find out, please let me know, because Smokie's 1 year old now and still stands in the box and scratches litter everywhere. I went and got her a covered box and it really, really helped. But she will stand in there after she's done with her business and scratch at the walls for a few...
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    When is your pet's birthday?

    Smokie Robinson got deleted... I have added her back in! January 25th, 2005- Cosette (ugaimes) Februrary 5, 2005 -Ivory (AKA Bug) -Arlyn February 9, 2002 ~ Binky ~ Kattengek March 2, 2004 -Vash -Arlyn March 2, 2004 -Trouble -Arlyn March 6, 1990 ~ Tigger ~ Kluchetta (that's right, 1990!)...
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    When is your pet's birthday?

    Thanks! I tried to add Waffle in, but people are posting so fast!!
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    When is your pet's birthday?

    January 25th, 2005- Cosette (ugaimes) March 9 - Rosie - Rosiemac March 11 - Sophie - Rosiemac April 3 2004 ~ Ariel ~ Chester&Piper April 15, 2004 - Sammy-a-go-go - Leli April 28, 2005 - Max and Alfie - Purity May 12, 1999 - Gracie - Eilcon May 13th, 2005 - Jinxie Cat (AKA Jinx) - Tyler502 May...
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    pawing my nose?

    MY Smokie pokes at us too! And she also gives lots of kisses! Sometimes when she's kissing your nose or cheek, she'll put her paw on the side of your face. It's SO adorable!!
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    Kitten sleeping with toddler? **it was REALLY cute though**

    I think Ginger's Mum has a good point. This occurred to me when I first got Smokie as a kitten because she would climb up and lay on my head, or my neck, or my chest, which I loved, but I remember thinking.... oh, this is why they worry about cats and babies! If your child is big enough to...
  17. D hurts!

    I think that he's telling you liquids is because they don't want anything getting packed into the holes. Did they give you one of those syringe things to squirt water in the sockets after you eat? I got mine out years ago and I remember eating breads and soggy cereal, but that is not nearly...
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    Losing his little kitty mind???

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention the phase Smokie went through where she would sit right up against the wall looking up at the ceiling and then.... RAAR!! She'd jump up as high as she can, like she's trying to get something (that was NEVER there). Then, she'd take off running into the bedroom, like...
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    Uh... ohhhh.... Petals what have you done?

    I love this picture! Petals is a little person enjoying the arm chair!! Here are my girl's unmodest poses. These are no problem to get as she seems to think she's a dog and wants belly rubs all the time! And my boyfriend's big guy: And Smokie, ready to pounce because she knows he...
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    Losing his little kitty mind???

    Smokie has similar behaviour sometimes. She gets really jumpy sometimes, like if you make a noise, she about jumps out of her skin. Once, she was sitting on the window sill looking at something and I made a kissing noise to her. She literally jumped a foot in the air, and then took off running...