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    Very long Morton passing post.. not even 3 years old

    I'm just wondering if my coping is acceptable or healthy and what I can do to help myself through this. He passed on the first of this month. Rushed him to the ER as he was dying and he ended up passing away a couple hours into them trying to raise his blood sugar, blood pressure, stabilize...
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    Can i have some support? I'm falling apart with my sick cat

    Hi there. I have another account but haven't been able to get back into it. I have a kitty and he has been through hell and back all his 3 years of life. He survived ITP and got that into remission after two years and finding the right vet to give him a vaccine detox. Before that happened the...
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    Once Food Obsessed Cat Refusing To Eat And New Kitten

    Hello all! I've had my Lucky for 9 years and he chose me as his human. He grew up in a home with other cats and dogs and never minded the company. I recently moved him in with me with my boyfriend and I and it's been almost a year and he's loved it. Lucky had to adjust to a new home for the...