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    My Cat Has A Red Bump On Her Nose

    Hi everyone, my cat, Lilly has a red bump on her nose. It came out of nowhere and has been there for about a week now. It's nowhere else on her body and she's fine otherwise; eating, drinking, playing, etc. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!
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    Cat only eats fish flavors

    Hi everyone, Lilly is a very picky eater with wet food. I've tried everything from friskies to merrick to science diet. She refuses to eat any meat flavored wet food (but loves her dry) and only eats fish flavors which I know is not the best. Is there any way I can entice her to eat meat...
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    Draw me like one of your French girls

    My little model
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    Cat likes to climb me like a tree

    Hi everyone. I keep Lilly's treats in a cupboard above my sink which she figured out. Every time I turn the water on to wash dishes she comes running (even if she's asleep) and proceeds to climb me to perch on my shoulder and meows like a maniac until I give her a treat. She did the climbing...
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    We love Dancing with the Stars!

    If Lilly could climb through the TV she would!
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    Lilly loves car rides!

    My beauty queen 10084128571
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    Cat getting spayed

    Hi everyone. Lilly (6 months old) is getting spayed on Friday. I'm so nervous for her! What can I expect in the first 48 hours?
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    Funny cat meme :)

    A friend of mine sent me this pic and I had to share!
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    The magical toilet

    One day I'll figure out where this water goes!
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    Play Ideas

    Hi everyone. Lilly is 6 months old and I feel like she's bored with all her toys. I think I've bought every single toy in Petco! After about 5 minutes of me playing with her she's over it and has no interest in that toy again! Any ideas on some free play ideas?
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    New here

    Hi everyone, happy to be amongst other cat lovers! I adopted Lilly when she was 8 weeks old from North Shore Animal League. She had a URI and was so sick :( She was the only one in the cage not playing or alert so my friend tried convincing me not to adopt her but I fell in love on the spot...