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    Squirt 1996-2013

    Squirt brought me to TCS back in 2001.  I don't really visit the site much anymore, but this is one place I wanted to note his passing.  Squirt crossed the Bridge today after being a carefree and terrific pet for 17 years.  The decision to put him down did not come easy, but he was struggling...
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    an avatar

    The alternative is to display her in a signature. See our Signature Shop forum for guidelines and restrictions.
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    Email Hoax

    Multiple, multiple times. The countries are different, but the scenario is always the same.
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    Mentally Retarded Cat?

    A lot depends on how old this kitten was. If he was very, very young, he may not be litter trained. You would have to work with him.
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    Member Spotlight for 5/7/06: Clixpix

    Kelly does wish that someone had cared enough to ask her if she had ever broken a bone. Way to be sensitive, Ryan.
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    What types of tea do you drink

    I enjoy all the varieties of loose tea sold at Teavana, but my favorite is a custom blend of white, red, and green teas called 'To Life'.
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    Ate cigarette!!!!!

    If you suspect your cat has worms, you need to visit the vet for treatment. Tobacco is toxic to cats.
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    You move up in usergroup by post count and days in membership. The other items under each description are the perks you receive with each promotion. Increased space for PMs does not apply to minor members.
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    icklemiss is correct. We have certain restrictions in place here for the protection of our minor members. If you post in the Signature Shop forum, a designer should be able to help you without PMs or email. The photos you want to use can be posted for download. Signature designers are not...
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    Member Spotlight for 5/7/06: Clixpix

    I am sincerely hoping so. He is quite difficult.
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    Member Spotlight for 5/7/06: Clixpix

    Ok, Ryan wanted me to ask you if you have ever broken a bone.
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    Official Thread Killer Results! May 2006

    Sorry, but if your sig is already 150 pixels, you can't have that award under it. Something's gotta go.
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    new and need help

    I have deleted what you have up for your signature now. The photos cannot be any taller than 150 pixels and the total file size no larger than 30 KB. Your photos are each 80 KB, and the tall one is 250 pixels in height. Please visit our Signature Shop forum for help on a signature.
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    I had it done 5-1/2 years ago. Best money I ever spent.
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    new and need help

    Members here cannot use a custom avatar until reaching a minimum of 700 posts and 120 days in membership. Until then, there are site avatars for you to choose from. The selection increases as your usergroup is promoted. More about usergroups here.