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  9. hell603

    omg Charlie!!!! couldn't you keep it in!!!

    well when it comes to Loki sometimes it is best to just get the HAZMAT TEAM in *LOL*
  10. hell603

    Hills recalls dry food

    and here is the direct link to Hills.
  11. hell603

    Whiskers falling out?

    Quite normal - everything that grows sheds! hair, skin, nail, etc...
  12. hell603

    Urgent :: Pet Food Recall... Urgent!!! - TOXIN FOUND

    The IMPORTANT thing to know is that it only affects chuncks and gravy type wet manufactured between December 3, 2006 and March 6, 2007 That is why the "best by dates" are super important!! NOT every can in your house is necessarily affected - double check the list! I DID!
  13. hell603

    Urgent :: Pet Food Recall... Urgent!!! - TOXIN FOUND

    YES It's the chuncks and sause formulations for both cats and dogs. I just reposted the cat listing but here is the dog one as well. Wow with cats there are 40 Brands and god know how many flavors affected but with dogs it's a wopping 50...
  14. hell603

    Urgent :: Pet Food Recall... Urgent!!! - TOXIN FOUND

    Friskies is fine...I believe they are Nestley..
  15. hell603

    Urgent :: Pet Food Recall... Urgent!!! - TOXIN FOUND

    It dosen't affect Fancy Feast / Pro Plan who are PURINA - they did not use Menu Foods to make their stuff. It is NOT Wheat that is the problem but tainted wheat which Menu Foods via a new supplier that caused this problem. Obviously the supplier has been dumped. It only affects the chunck...
  16. hell603

    Do your cats greet you?

    I already hear Loki screem from behind the door *LOL* -. He is there as soon as I open the door. I normally enter the house via the garage and make 100% sure that the garage door is closed before I open the door to the house. Better safe than sorry - he is my nosey boy!!! Would never...
  17. hell603

    New Leopard Species!

    OMG they are just Stunning - the pattern and coloration is just amazing!
  18. hell603

    Amber update

    Just want to let you know that Amber is in our prayers and thoughts. When you can please let is know how everyone is doing.
  19. hell603

    Please cross your fingers - we may have a home!

    Any news yet????? Turning into a pretzel for you!
  20. hell603

    Funny pictures of Cozmo,,,

    Ohhh how cute - but please be careful little one, plastic bags are dangerous!!