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    New food: Republic of Cats. Really frustrating brand.

    I thought it was fresh food, like Smalls or Nom Nom Now, but it appears to be canned. Thought I'd share for anyone curious or interested in trying it, but I already want to pull my hair out just filling out the questionnaire. It's fine at first. They ask for how many cats you have, their names...
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    Some questions about homemade cooked/raw

    So I bought a small packet of Alnutrin and followed the instructions to get a sample of Ez Complete, to see which my boys prefer, however I got a few questions before I dive in. This is simply the experimental stage. Finding out what my boys like, what works, and to just get the hang of it. I'll...
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    Social cat now terrified of strangers

    Finny used to be the most social cat I've ever met. He loved being in all the action, could be picked up by anyone and he'd start purring. It was honestly a pain in the butt when we needed repairs lol And now after this whole quarantine thing, he's TERRIFIED of people who aren't me, my mom and...
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    Thoughts on the brand Cat Person

    A little while ago I found a new wet food brand called Cat Person. Other than the packaging being absolutely adorable, I liked how affordable it was compared to some of the other brands I feed and the ingredients don't look too bad to my untrained eye. I don't see any gums, though tapioca is a...
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    What does this look like to you?

    I'm calling the vet to get him in tomorrow, but I was wondering if anyone here might have an idea of what is going on with his eye. I noticed it yesterday and today it looks worse. He's squinting it and rubbing it at times, though not often so far. There's no discharge and any eye goobers he...
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    Birthday photoshoot

    Finny and Teddy are one year old today. My mom wanted to have a little photoshoot lol Just some cute and silly pictures for this stressful time. The look of disgust on Teddy's face 😂 Finny thinking of a time he wasn't wearing a hat lol Sorry boys, it was grandma's idea lol
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    Guar Gum and Agar Agar

    So it appears Teddy and Finny are sensitive/allergic to turkey, chicken, lamb, and eggs (so far). My options are limited food-wise. They hate Rawz now, I can't find Feline Natural's Venison flavor anymore, and they've never been a fan of beef (so MeatMates is out since that is literally the...
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    The dreaded cone

    Teddy has been dealing with dermatitis issues for a long time now, and while his paws are better, his hind legs are now the issue. I've been trying to avoid it coming to this, but it looks like the poor fella will have to wear an e-collar to stop his obsessive licking/chewing. The back of his...
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    Safe and cat friendly ways to make the house smell Christmasy

    I have no idea where to put this thread, so forgive me if I got it wrong. Anyway, my mom has decided not to get a real tree this year due to both of our concerns that the boys will chew and ingest pine needles, but she really misses that Christmas tree smell and just Christmas-y smells in...
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    How long can organs stay refrigerated?

    So my mom bought a small turkey yesterday. I asked her if the organs were seasoned in any way and she said no. She only buys clean organic meat and after unwrapping the organs, they looked really fresh. I gave Finny a few pieces of the heart and he seemed to love it. He didn't seem interested in...
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    Being hunted by viscous predators

    They found my hiding spot. It was nice knowing ya'll.
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    Is it ever too late to cremate?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I really have no idea where else to post it. My Nico passed away June 9th of this year, and in the moment, my heart wanted to bury him with his favorite stuffed teddy bear and his favorite blanket. But now, with the possibility of moving next summer, I now...
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    Anti itch solutions that are safe to lick or quick to dry?

    Hi all. So, the vet wants Teddy to get a biopsy to help us understand better what is going on with his skin since we have now hit a wall. She says this would be much cheaper than taking him to a dermatologist. His paws are doing great, but now he has issues with his hind legs (hair loss from...
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    Worried About Overfeeding, But Also About Underfeeding

    My two boys' appetites have been ridiculous lately, especially Finny's. It just seems like nothing I feed them is filling enough. They eat Rawz and Tiki Cat After Dark. They'd split a 3oz can and now I think they need a 3oz can each, and split a 5oz. Finny weighed 7.6lbs the last time he went...
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    Thoughts On Balanced Blends Raw/steamed Cat Food?

    I found this a while ago and thought it looked pretty good. They offer raw and gently steamed meals, and are also boneless. Balanced Blends Pet Food I was curious what everyone else's opinions on it are. Does it seem like a good raw food brand? I'm still trying to find a brand I want to try...
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    Ziwipeak Air-dried Cat Food

    I received a free sample of the chicken flavor: ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Free-Range Chicken For Cats | Ziwi Pets and I was wondering what everyone's opinion of it was. I was drawn to their claim of how "gentle air-drying process naturally preserves the nutritional value of 96% Meat, Organs, Bone and...
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    Raw And Dry

    :wave3: I'm thinking about buying a bag of Stella's Selects to see if the boys (4-5 months) would be interested in raw, and possibly slowly add some raw to their diet. They are currently eating Rawz canned. The thing is I'm still free feeding them dry (Solid Gold. I bought a small bag of Dr...
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    My Kitten Chews His Paws Raw

    Sorry, I seem to ask questions more than answer on here, but my tabby kitten, Teddy (he's about 4-5 months old) has had a kind of dermatitis on his paws since before I adopted him. His front paws seemed to be healing after putting some salve on them, and while they aren't a 100 percent, they are...
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    Rawz Or Gray Gourmet?

    I'm trying to decide what wet cat food to feed my two four month old kittens I'll be adopting this Saturday (the tabby will be named Theodore and the white one will be Finnegan). I want to avoid all gums and unnecessary ingredients that I tend to find in most brands. These two, so far, anyway...
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    Has Anyone Tried Bobcat Raw Food?

    Hi, I'm new here (though I've lurked a few times). I've become really interested in the raw diet, and was wondering if anyone has tried Bobcat Raw Food? Our Shop | Bobcat I've seen it mentioned once, I think in the Rad Cat Alternatives thread but haven't seen anything about it since. From...