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    Howdy, Ya'll !

    I almost feel like this post should go in the "newcomer's" section. . . Everyone in our corner of the world is doing okay - healthy and active. We awoke this morning to a little craft project that someone started last night. Mac says Grace did it and, of course, Grace just pointed her tail...
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    If your cat went to church. . .

    . . .what church would s/he attend? I know this is an odd question but it is just the sort of odd thing that comes up for discussion at our house from time to time. Let me say up front that I mean no offense or disrespect to anyone or any religion! We're a Christian household - liberal...
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    Proposed Animal Control Ordinance F.Y.I. Just passing along this link for anyone who has experience with the legal/governmental side of animal control. I have no clue as to how it compares with other ordinances in other cities. There is an incentive to having pets...
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    Thank you, ICKLEMISS21!

    Many thanks to Icklemiss21! I don't feel so out of style anymore. Doesn't it look great?!?!? She gave me three color choices and it was very hard to pick just one. I LOVE IT!
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    Okay, 'fess up! Who's broken down and purchased a box of Hello Kitty Meowberry Pop Tarts?
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    If you were a 12 year old girl. . .

    . . . what would you like as a small gift from an admiring 12 year old boy? Thanks, in advance, for any and all suggetions!
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    Dear Santa (or, what my cat wants for Christmas)

    Dear Santa, My name is Grace. I am a very loving and playful tabby cat. I know I am on your good kitty list because I treat my humans very well and hardly ever get into trouble. This year I would like a parakeet. I think I would like a green one if it is not too much trouble. I promise...
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    Tuscan Vineyard

    Pino Grigio Vineyard at Maso Torresella My husband spent last week in Italy touring vineyards. I thought this picture he took was beautiful and wanted to share it.
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    "Goat-roper" Class Reunion

    Help. Monticello High School Class of 1985 "20 Year Class Reunion" 11/4 Welcome - Cocktail Party - Chili Supper 11/5 Family Picnic & Fishing Bring your own Bait! 11/5 Reunion Party Does that strike anyone else as being ridiculously funny? I feel I can talk about it since it is MY class...
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    Attn: UK Folk! (re: Most Haunted)

    I have become ADDICTED to the television program Most Haunted. It originated in Great Brittan and airs in the US on the Travel Channel on Friday nights. I have not missed an episode in months. Has anyone else ever seen this show? Does...
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    She's a PHLEBOTOMIST!!

    Okay, so most of us realize that our cats have specific job talents other than just eating, bathing & shedding, right? We've always known that Mac was some sort of Security Agent. I think he might even be in the Secret Service - a Cat In Black! This morning it finally dawned on me what...
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    We're havin' a foot washin'!

    Please post all your pictures of kitties washing their feet! Emma will start. . .
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    For those of you who love creepy movies and good art. . .

    This LINK is to a web site of one of my husband's friends. Check him out. His work is pretty awesome.
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    PARTY @ ABBY'S HOUSE! While Abby's humans are gone we're going to keep her company. Milky's already there with his "refreshments." Emma's brought her pink nail polish and Grace was going to bake some cookies. Everyone's welcome to stop by. Pass the word along, okay?
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    HELP! My home was invaded. . .

    . . .by pre-teen boys this afternoon! I took shelter in my bedroom and got A LOT of knitting done while watching the NASCAR race. Besides the boy that lives here we had two guests. They were well behaved (for the most part) but very, very, very silly. Poor Emma is still a little stressed...
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    Party @ Juicy's House!

    Hey all you cats and kittens, I'm going to have the run of the house for the next few days. Anyone want to come over? I'm sending Destin, the dog, to the store with a shopping list. Noodles, the ferret, is going to be in charge of the music. I'm hoping to get a pretty good card game going...
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    Practical People can have fun too!

    Okay, I admit that I am probably one of the most practical people on the planet. I rarely splurge on anything frivolous. Today I had to purchase something that I'm really very excited about - a new lawn mower. Isn't it pretty? My dad gave us our old mower 15 years ago! I've had it longer...
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    Anyone going to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?

    I've heard good things about it. It's playing here in IMAX. A really BIG (and goofy looking) Johnny Depp!
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    Soy Milk

    (I apologize in advance if this topic has already been covered. I did a quick search and didn't see anything.) I've switched to soy milk. Grace used to get to lick my cereal bowl for a very short time in the mornings after breakfast. Is the soy milk okay for her? Believe me, she won't get...