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  1. GeoDjay

    My Cat Is So Playful... Should I Get a New Pet?

    Hello everyone! Okay, so I have 2 cats: a three year old neutered male and an eight year old spayed female. The boy is always trying to play with the girl, but she's too lazy and never wants to play with him. Of course, I do give him playing sessions, but for some reason he goes back to...
  2. GeoDjay

    Cat's Voice Suddenly Changed

    Hello, I hope all is well. My six-year-old cat's voice suddenly became different. She now meows with a very high pitched squeaky voice. At first, I thought that perhaps it was a one time thing, but she's using this voice exclusively. I called the vet, and he told me to keep an eye on her to see...
  3. GeoDjay


    So I joined The Cat Site back in April, and I've been reading lots of posts and creating ones of my own since. I don't know why I didn't post here earlier! I have two cats; Chloe (5 years) and Shar [male] (about 2.5 months). Chloe: Shar: :D
  4. GeoDjay

    Kitten Does Not Cover His Poop

    My kitten digs up a hole in the littler box perfectly well, but he does not cover his poop. However, he tries to but his paws go on the edges of the box even though the box is big for him and he can easily use the space to cover everything up. How can I make him learn how to cover his wastes...
  5. GeoDjay

    Differentiating Between Silver Tabby And Silver Shaded

    How can you tell if a longhair cat is silver tabby or silver shaded? Also, at what age does a silver shaded/chinchilla manifest its final color?
  6. GeoDjay

    Doll Faced Persian?

    I know he doesn't look like the show quality Persian cat, but can he be considered a doll faced Persian or "pet quality" Persian?
  7. GeoDjay

    I Need Help Identifying The Color And Pattern Of This Kitty

    I'm guessing Loony Boo has tabby markings and a probably a blue color. I'm not sure though. What do you guys think?
  8. GeoDjay

    What Color And Pattern Do These Cats Have?

    Hello! Hope you guys are doing well :) I've been wanting to know what colors and patterns do these cats have, but those are the only pictures I have for them so I apologize in advance if the photos are unclear. These two kittens were born with a grey (blue) color and kept on darkening as they...