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  1. Tagrendy

    Cat peeing often in small amounts

    Hi everyone, looking to see if anyone had similar issues. Few days ago I noticed the cat using the litterbox often. Most of the time he pees small amount ( 3-5 seconds ), but once a day or so he will pee a long one ( 8-10 seconds ). While he is peeing he doesn't seem in pain, doesn't strain or...
  2. Tagrendy

    Which vaccine to choose

    Hi, my cat is going to get vaccinated in 3 days. They have 2 options - Nobivac Tricat Trio and Fellocell. I've been trying to research to see which one is better, but can't really understand much of the medical literature. Do any of you know of these vaccines? Does it matter which one is given?
  3. Tagrendy

    Cat vaccinations / walking a cat on a leash

    Hi everyone, do any one of you take your cats outside to walk on a leash? If so, have there been any instances of the cat contracting serious illnesses from outside? I'm thinking to take my cat on walks about once or twice a week, now trying to prepare for it. My main worry is viruses /...
  4. Tagrendy

    Need Advise, Should I Bring Stray Cat In Just For The Winter

    Hi peoples. I am in a dilemma, thought to ask before I do something stupid. Where I live there are many stray cats roaming. There is one particular cat that is so friendly and cute, and the winter is coming. I know that unfortunately I cannot adopt another cat. I also heard, and I don't really...
  5. Tagrendy

    Cat Is Allergic, Vets Cannot Say Why

    Hi, my cat had an eye issue and I took him to the vet today. They told me that most likely it's allergy, injected him with medicine that will keep him allergy-free for 16 days, and put the megaphone thing around his neck so he can't damage his eye ( forgot what it's called ). But they said they...
  6. Tagrendy

    Microchips Vs Nose Print

    Hi, recently in the country ( Armenia ) the government announced it prepares a plan to have all adopted / owned cats to get microchipped, they also intend to do the same with stray cats ( after neutering them I guess ). The reason given was that it would allow to punish people who leave their...
  7. Tagrendy

    Cat Not Eating Wet Food From The Bowl

    Hi, my cat recently acquired a very strange habit. Whenever I put wet food in the bowl - he licks the sauce and leaves the meat! I thought maybe it's the bowl so I changed it, still the same. Then I thought maybe it's the food - changed it to something he used to eat with no problem for the...
  8. Tagrendy

    Is It Ok To Feed Raw As A Side Dish?

    Hi everyone, just getting a second opinion. I have a 1 year old cat, and previously he has always eaten commercial food. Now I still give him commercial with the daily ratio required, but as a side dish I thought to give him raw meat. Today the first time I gave him a little - and he looooved...
  9. Tagrendy

    Cat Throwing Up

    Hi, I have a 7 month old kitten. He is regularly dewormed and his poop is fine. However a month ago he started randomly throwing up and I thought it's hairballs ( not sure but think looked like hairballs ). Then I started to brush his hair regularly and gave antihairball paste and that seem to...
  10. Tagrendy

    Low-quality Wet Food Over High-quality Dry Food?

    Hi everyone, Since I've been reading posts here I have gotten a bit confused as to what to feed my kitten. I used to think that low-quality or supermarket brands ( Whiskas, Pourina Friskies, Pourina Felix ) are a no-no & high quality brands ( Royal Canin, Hill, Monge ) is what I should feed...
  11. Tagrendy

    Kitten Eye Problem. I Am So Scared, Please Help.

    Hi, my kitten yesterday started to have eye problem on the right eye. And I think I am at fault =/ he had a crust on his eye & without googling how to clean it I just took it away with my finger. The kitten squinted & I think I damages his eye! :((( Today I took him to the vet & he said it was...