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    Canned IBD diet

    My 11 year old Zeldan was just diagnosed with IBD. I am a little bit overwhelmed with choosing a food for him. I did some searching and had some options to try but gah now I can’t find those pages. He is on a canned food diet currently but has gotten very picky and of course vomiting a couple...
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    Cat pukes after eats some foods

    My cat is a fussy eater. If he’s hungry and eats something that isn’t his favourite he will puke it. Not sure why he does this. I am guessing he is so hungry but eats anyways. Not sure if behaviour issue or not but if I give him something he likes it stays down! Thoughts?
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    Crystals Came Back :(

    Struvite Crystals 1 Week Ago Poor Thompson had another episode. He had almost 2 weeks with no issues. I noticed he was having problems again last night so I took him to the emergency vet. They think he has more inflammation than anything and when they looked at his urinalysis and ultrasound...
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    Struvite Crystals 1 Week Ago

    My 4 year old boy developed struvite crystals. I normally feed all my boys canned only food, but Thompson just had a depo medrol shot for a rodent ulcer and I just couldn’t keep up with his appetite! He usually eats a small amount of kibble but was eating up to 1/2 a cup a day. Long story short...
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    Eosinophilic Granuloma? *pic Attached*

    Thompson is 4 and strictly an indoor cat. A few months ago I noticed a sore in the corner of his mouth. It looked itchy but it went away after a week or so. A couple of weeks ago, a different sore appeared on the other side. This side has looked the same for a couple of weeks and doesn’t seem to...
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    Commercial raw and few teeth!

    Glen, my 12 year old, had a dental 2 weeks ago and they took out 13 teeth! He broke a tooth a while ago and one just fell out so he doesn't have a bunch left! He is also diabetic and currently in remission. I've been giving him canned but he and is brother like Red Kat Blue Dog best. He does...
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    All 3 can't be this fussy about wet food!

    I've just switched all 3 of my cats to a canned diet. My middle cat had crystals in his urine so I made the switch. I am super frustrated though trying to find something they will actually eat! I am trying to give high protein/low carbohydrate. They previously shared 1 can of Friskies and ate...
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    6 year old with ?urinary crystals

    I took my male cat Zelda. who is six years old to the vet yesterday because I noticed he was cleaning excessively for the last few days in his genital area. And then he Peed on my floor twice, and I noticed him cleaning his genitals and meowing at the same time. So off to the vet we went...
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    Feline epilepsy

    Thompson is a 2 year old male. He was 4 months old when we first brought him home. He had a seizure a month later. I promptly took him to the vet. They examined him and did blood work etc but found nothing. We figured he hit his head. More than a year later he had another seizure. He came flying...
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    3 cats, one peeing in house, bullying, etc

    Just less than a year ago we added a 3rd kitty. All 3 cats are males and exclusively indoors. The oldest male laid down the law and showed the kitten whom is boss. The middle one not so much. Now the kitten bullies the middle one! Chases him around the house, etc. Zeldan (the middle one)...
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    Can Stella and Chewys be left out unmixed?

    We sometimes go away for a few days. My cat sitter will come once a day to feed and change litter. Can Stella and chewys be left out as a dry meal in replacement of a second raw feeding? If not, are there any other suggestions for cat sitters? Boarding/kennelling isn't an option.
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    I'm taking the plunge! Does this sound ok

    I've decided I'm finally going to do it! I am switching two of my cats to Raw and will try my best with the third. my plan is to feed red dog blue cat, as well as TC feline premix with mixed meat that I can find on sale. I hope it's ok to alternate between the 2? I know that red dog blue cat...
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    How do you afford raw?

    I have been looking at a PMR as well as using a premix like TC Feline. Just researching currently. Right now I am feeding Wellness canned with TOTW as a snack. I have 3 cats and to continue feeding what I am feeding now it would cost $45/month for canned and $20/month for kibble. Using a premix...
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    Praying model raw sample weekly menu

    I am still doing lots of research on raw feeding and I'm now thinking that prey model raw maybe the way to go for me. I am pretty certain I can get my hands on all the necessary organs like a liver maybe kidney but just wondering what other feeders use as a weekly menu. Like do you give bone at...
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    Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline - not a good choice?

    I've been doing lots of reading on here and appreciate everyone's helpful advice! Thank you! I want to switch my cats to a raw diet but I am still researching and trying to find something that works for me. I am currently feeding wet food twice a day with Taste of the Wild Rocky Feline in...
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    Wet food recommendations

    I am in the process of switching my cats to a raw diet. I am doing research and trying to figure out what type of raw diet and how before I commit 100% I am currently feeding TOTW dry with wet food twice a day. But, I am struggling with finding a decent quality wet food that my 3 will eat. The...
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    Good variety at butcher!...thoughts please

    I went to my butcher today to buy some chicken because I ordered TC Feline to try. They had whole local rabbit. Of course chicken beef pork and venison. They also had beef and chicken liver. They also had frozen mixed giblets. They also grind chicken carcasses, without organ. I asked about them...
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    Human grade lysine for cats

    My vet recommended lysine for my cats so I purchased the paste from their clinic. May cats don't like it! Is it safe to give human grade lysine, like from a pharmacy? I found this one online.
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    Starting raw

    I've been researching and I have to admit I'm a little overwhelmed at all the options! Is it really necessary to put vitamins and supplements in the food or can I just use meat, organ and bone? Some sites and some posts say one thing and others say yet something different! I managed to find a...
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    Kitten pulling out fur

    My kitten is six months old and I adopted him when he was four months old. I noticed right away that Thompson was pulling out his and excessively grooming. The cat rescue took him back in as a rescue cat to see the veterinarian who gave him a Depo-Medrol shot. Thompson seem to settle down quite...