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    Feral Male Cat Problem (for My New Feral Friend)

    Hi everybody! I'm posting a problem my friend is having, she is the one who TNR'd the cats on my street and Feeds them too! She has cats over at her house, and she now has a male cat causing a problem over there. She is going to TNR him but does anybody have any suggestions on when a cat causes...
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    Tnr Questions

    Hello everyone! I have been speaking with a few people here about an issue I have, JCatbird suggested I post here, I am extremely overwhelmed by something I did recently. I have Walli the Feral in one room and a catio she can go into, she does not want to expand yet. I have Joey the Stray who I...
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    I Got My Feral In The House Today!

    Well I got my Feral in the house today! I had started feeding her inside the back door a few months ago, and this morning closed the door while she was in. She is home alone, hopefully checking out the place, she was a bit scared and hid behind the couch before we left. I have 3 litter boxes...
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    Getting My Feral In The House

    Well my Feral is doing pretty good in the yard, she has been going in the house we built for her. Lately she has been popping in our house for a bit. I want her to live in our Home, I TNR'd her so I do not want to trap her again. I have successfully been giving her Comfortis Flea Control, but...
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    Getting Feral to Go Into the New Shelter

    Hi There, first post. We have a Feral we did TNR, we built her a shelter out of a cardboard box she feels really secure there, however we need to move her to the permanent shelter we built, where she is at now, is stuff we had temporarily put in our back yard This is what attracted her to...