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    Kitten with Intermittent Diarrhea

    Hello cat lovers! Posted here a few times with questions and everyone was super helpful and kind, thought I would pick some veteran cat parents brain again regarding a new-ish issue with my kitten. My Ragdoll kitten is now 6.5 months old, last weighed in at 7 pounds a week ago. She seems to be...
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    Need advice regarding kitten feeding!

    My Ragdoll kitten is now a little over 5 months old. She weighs around 5.7 pounds (gained 2 pounds in the past ~2 months since I got her) I have been feeding her a mix of WET and DRY food. DRY: Whole Earth Farms - Recipes - Whole Earth Farms WET: Whole Earth Farms - Recipes - Whole Earth Farms...
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    Experiencing severe kitty blues after getting two kittens, any advice would be appreciated!!

    TLDR: Got two kittens a little over a month ago and experiencing regret, anxiety and I think what they call the kitty blues. Any help/advice for anyone who can relate would be much appreciated! Backstory: I have been wanting cats for the past 2 years, I read extensively about them, watched...