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    Friskies— An Fyi

    I don't cook much, but I am considering making his food rather than buying ready made.
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    Friskies— An Fyi

    I prayed to understand what was killing our girl, Kit. I was led here to find that Friskies cat food was the culprit. After second guessing ourselves, ever since she became ill and was dying from kidney failure, we thought we had done something wrong. From Kflowers post, I went to...
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    Furminator: What a Disappointment

    Thank you for your response, but like I stated, we had to have Blue Grand (the kitty who had mats) put to sleep last week. The two cats we still have are short hair domestic and don't require constant brushing or care.
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    Goodbye Reesee

    I know just how you feel, but you made the right decision for your Reesee. We just had to make that decision last week ourselves, for our Blue Grand. I thought maybe if I had done something different, but, the truth is, after talking with a well knowledged friend, that we made the right decision...
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    Furminator: What a Disappointment

    I bought a Furminator, hoping it would help with our Blue Grand, who was a Maine Coon mix. As you, probably, know, Maine Coons have very long fur. He hated it. He stopped cleaning himself and had mats all over him. I ws hoping to help him by removing them, easily. All, I found, it did was pull...
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    Unable to trim "wild" cats nails!

    Help. I need to know this, too. Satin Bombay (19 years) has back claws that extend way beyond his paws. He will not let me trim them. I'm concerned he may hurt himself by getting caught on something while we are sleeping or away. He has no way of using a scratcher to trim them down himself. So...
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    dirty bottom cat. any ideas?

    Our Blue Grand, bless his heart, we had to have him put to sleep the 2nd. of January 2015, (thyroid problems and Mega-Colon. He was, literally, starving to death and in a lot of pain), had the same problem. What I did was two things. First, I would clean him and his tail with a soft cloth...
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    what is your kitties favorite treat...

    Satin Bombay and Sugar Kit love Temptations treats, any flavor and any type. Recently, I bought them Catnip and the Party Styles. They went bananas for them both.
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    Review products and raise money for cats in need!

    What a terrific way to help kitties! I'm in. I nominate Alley Cats. They are a non-profit organization that catches, neuters and spays feral cats, then releases them back in their colonies. I recommend Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Litter, which is made from walnuts. I do, however...
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    Miralax dosing and response time

    Thank you so much. I will, definitely, try Slippery Elm Bark. If anything can help my little guy, I will give it a run. I also read it is great for poultices for diabetic ulcers. My husband has those so it will also be used for him and for my bowel inconsistencies.
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    Buffalo Blue (walnut shell) Litter- has anyone tried?

    What do I have to say about Blue walnut cat litter? Don't get me started. Just kidding. We have not found anything that works as well as Blue Fresh Multi-Cat litter. We live in an extremely small house so finding a place to keep litter without it permeating our home was a battle. At first, I...
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    Miralax dosing and response time

    Actually, Maine Coons don't, normally, live much beyond 12 to 14 years. Blue is 14 so we have been very fortunate he is still with us. Unfortunately, I am on a very low, fixed income now. When I got Blue and our other two cats, we had a much higher income. As it is, we have no money for vets...
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    Miralax dosing and response time

    Thank you for the information about the pumpkin, but, as I said, I use it with their soft food.  I read, somewhere, that pumpkin is great for cats to give them extra nutrition and also helps with their bowels. I have been doing this for a long time now, and he is not as bad as he used to be...
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    Miralax dosing and response time

    I have not used the Miralax, but I have been putting pumpkin, olive oil, and tuna or chicken with my cats soft food. One has constipation issues and the oldest is not able to eat dry kibble much anymore. Unfortunately, I didn't feed them this combination for a couple of days. When I was, there...