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  1. maggiedemi

    My Journey Towards Better Health

    Hi. I'm here. I was in the hospital dying, but I'm not sure if anybody believes me. I can't get too upset because of the staples. Leave any questions and I will try to answer. I'm still very sick. :redheartpump: Love you all.
  2. maggiedemi

    Pates With Sardines

    Hi. Are there any pates with sardines in them? The oil in sardines seems to help my cats with hairballs, but they won't eat human canned sardines anymore since I tried to hide their de-worming pill in it. I guess they have memories like an elephant. :rolleyes3: Anyway, I was thinking of giving...
  3. maggiedemi

    Test For Blood Clotting

    My question: When you bring feral/stray cats in to get spayed or neutered, what is the test called to make sure that their blood clots okay for surgery? Is it the Snap test? I have heard of feral cats passing away because they are exposed to mouse poison outside that makes their blood not clot...
  4. maggiedemi

    Can We Sort Search Results By Date, Newest First?

    When we do a search in the Search box, is there any way to sort the results by date so we can get the newest posts on the subject we are searching?
  5. maggiedemi

    Would You Use 7 Year Old Frontline Vial?

    I found a vial of Frontline Plus in my drawer. They don't have an expiration date, but the Copyright date on the back of the box in the lower right hand corner says 2011. So this could be as much as 6 or 7 years old. Would you use it? Should I throw it away?
  6. maggiedemi

    Is Aldi (US) canned food all Pate?

    Hello. Can anyone please tell me if the Aldi canned cat food in the big and little cans is all Pate? I can't really tell from the label. My cats have decided after 3 years that they no longer like Pate, so I don't want to waste money. The big cans are called Fine Feline, I forget what the small...