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  1. Norachan

    Question of The Day. Saturday 16th of January

    Good morning! I'm kind of early with my QOTD this week, as it's still Saturday afternoon where I am. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? I'm actually pretty fast. I get up, have coffee, wash my face and do a neti pot (Which helps a lot in cold season and in pollen season)...
  2. Norachan

    Question of the Day, Friday, January 15

    I don't have any set meal times and quite often skip meals altogether. :paperbag: Mr H and I both work long, irregular hours. Breakfast is coffee and yoga. I usually grab a sandwich or a bowl of noodles sometime in the early afternoon before I start work. Then if I have time I eat again...
  3. Norachan

    Breed my Female Ragamese Cat

    @Troy702 I think @Kieka has said everything that needs to be said in her excellent post above. Please consider spaying your cat and either adopting or fostering if you have the time and resources for another cat or kittens. The Moderators have decided to lock this thread.
  4. Norachan

    For the time being.....

    Hi @Peggythecat Welcome to TCS. I'm not sure what your question is. Are you asking if your cat will be OK confined to one room or do you want advice on how to keep her occupied? If it's the first question, of course she will. You can make one small room into a very comfortable place for a cat...
  5. Norachan

    Featured Buying a House, What Hazards to Cats Should I Look For?

    The house I'm living in now has a loft. We've been here for nearly 7 years with over 20 cats, including a litter of 4 foster kittens for a couple of months, and no one has ever fallen off the top. They do like to sit up on the railing though. You could attach a blanket or a throw to the...
  6. Norachan

    Relocating with Colony

    I don't mean to pry into your personal life, but is selling your house a prerequisite for your mum moving into AL? Is she able to afford to move now and leave the house on the market until a buyer comes along? If she can move into AL now is it possible for you to stay where you are, or do you...
  7. Norachan


    I'm glad to hear he's doing OK. Taking care of him now is really hard work because he's so tiny, but in a few weeks he'll be able to potty on his own and go longer between meals. Hang in there. Thank you for taking such great care of him. :rock:
  8. Norachan

    The Exercise Motivation Thread - 2021

    Thank you! It is very pretty around here. I went horse riding yesterday and ended up with a black eye. More details and pictures to come...........
  9. Norachan

    Re: Cat Food Updated Nutrition Chart/Values - Eg. Phosphorus amount - Canned Wet food?

    Have you seen this one? Check This Out.... Chart For Cat Food Ingredients
  10. Norachan

    Relocating with Colony

    So, how many cats are you going to be moving with? From what you've said about your cats I think it will be very easy to move them. They're already coming to eat and you have outdoor shelters and carriers for them, so they'll be easy enough to catch. Have you decided on the apartment yet? Do...
  11. Norachan

    Relocating with Colony

    Calm down. It's possible and not that difficult at all. I'll post more later, but I'm running a bit late now............
  12. Norachan


    So sweet! I'm so glad you were able to help him. You know how to stimulate a kitten to pee or poop? They can't do it on their own at that age, so you have to help them.
  13. Norachan

    Time to meet Freya

    She's stunning! Thank you for rescuing her and her family. :heartshape:
  14. Norachan

    The Exercise Motivation Thread - 2021

    But you have ducks! I miss the ducks, I live so far from the lake now. Just an hour of yoga on Wednesday. 30 minutes yoga, a 90 minute walk and then another 30 minutes of stretching after that today
  15. Norachan

    How to stop kitten getting out on ledge?

    How did he get out on the ledge, did he squeeze under the chicken wire? What I would do is get some heavy planks of wood and nail the chicken wire to it so he can't squeeze under. Either that or get some wood that is a tiny bit narrower than the gap between the window ledge and the metal bar...
  16. Norachan

    New cat growling and hissing at resident cat

    It's a great name. There's a saying in Japanese, "Ashta ga aru" There's always tomorrow. No matter what today throws at you, there's always a chance to make things better tomorrow. That's a very fitting name for a rescued cat. :heartshape:
  17. Norachan

    First days with a feral kitten

    If she comes to sniff your hand make a soft fist and gently brush it against her head. Cats see an outstretched hand as claws coming to get them, but a soft fist resembles a head coming down to give them a friendly head bump. :catlove:
  18. Norachan

    First days with a feral kitten

    It can take them a while to get used to the purrito. Make sure you always do something positive when you wrap them, such as gently grooming her with a soft toothbrush or offering wet food. Take a look at Kitten Lady or Flatbush Cats on Youtube, they have some great videos about feral kittens
  19. Norachan

    Question of the Day - Tuesday, January 12

    Don't go into that cave! It's a long story..........................
  20. Norachan

    First days with a feral kitten

    Awesome update! This kitten is really young to be away from her mother, so you are going to have to take over the role of parent now. Wrapping in a purito is really soothing for kittens, as is holding the kitten on her back. (Although you shouldn't try this with an older kitten, 4 months is...