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    Cat acting weird post Propofol?

    Yes, please continue to update us.
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    Please help! Looking for advice or anyone who has been in this situation

    I agree, cat's are good at working things out.
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    Featured What's the minimum a kitten should eat?

    Semi-liquid food will definitely help when you want them to eat more. I'm not sure with the amount.
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    My girls are such sloppy eaters. Recs for a placemat to contain the mess?

    I agree, it would depend on your situation.
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    Does my cat look like he could have Ocicat or egyptian mau in him?

    He does have features but I can't really tell.
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    Help on getting rid of flea dirt?

    This one is a good idea. But you can give him a bath if he allows you to.
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    Sweet Stories

    Wow what a smart cat!
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    What are your grooming routines?

    Luckily my cat does the same. But I try to brush mine once every one or two weeks.
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    Musiaka's vet visit

    Just follow up regularly with the vet and make sure he does well with his medications.
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    Blind Young Cat.... Looking for Advice

    I second this. Train her other senses more so she can cope easily.
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    How to move with a feral cat

    I agree with this. Also, ask your vet for some medications to help your cat.
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    Advice on Next Steps with Timid Cat

    I agree, some cats just don't want to be rushed.