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  1. cat nap

    Free Apps that people use on Android Smartphones in their daily lives

    I am curious what Free Apps members use on their Android smartphones. If you have a list of top 3-5 apps you use, that is also helpful. For instance, I use: Voicenotes....for verbal notetaking ColorNote.....for verbal notes and lists. Flipp app....for looking at store ads. Waze and Google...
  2. cat nap

    Seeing Echoes or Double Avatars while using Quote feature

    Not sure how to explain this, but lately I am seeing 'double avatars' of members' names, when I use the 'quote feature'. :eek2: It's like an echo. (If I use Preview function, then I can usually go in and delete the 'extra text',....but I find this a little bit of a hassle. :cloudy::lol:) Could...
  3. cat nap

    Resolved Caption This Photo

    Did the 'Caption this Photo' section, not make the move to the new platform? I can't seem to find it.
  4. cat nap

    Question For Those Who Have Computer Tablets?

    This may sound like a dumb question...but how do you type on your computer tablet? Do you use the onscreen keyboard? And 'predictive text'? Do you use a 'rolled-out portable keyboard'? Or a wireless keyboard? (If any one answers this question with "I use my hands."...I'm going to :hmmm...
  5. cat nap

    Resolved Picture Of The Month Photos, And Desktop View?

    In the POM (picture of the month), right now, I am seeing all the photos in different sizes. Many of them are very large on my desktop computer monitor. Some will not fit onto the screen, or I have to scroll down, to see the complete photo. (they look okay on the Nokia Windows phone, though.)...
  6. cat nap

    Alerts, Watched Threads, And Conversations

    Can someone explain, if we will be getting a 'number notice' alert, in the top right hand 'alert box icon', while we are online, at the time? I seem to only see the alerts, if I hover over the alert icon, (though maybe it's because I did not change pages, or refresh). Is there a quicker way to...
  7. cat nap

    Has Anyone Else been having Multiple PM's posting, or the Site saying: you already submitted the for

    Lately, the past two days, I've been getting 'multiple PM's being posted' or "you've already submitted the form" pop-ups, when I try and answer a thread. Is there a glitch in the system?    Or is it just tired of me, taking a long time to post?   Maybe I'm seeing double.     
  8. cat nap

    Kidney Prescription diets versus Over the counter (OTC) foods with phosphorus binders

    First off, thank you so much, Dr. Rachel Boltz, for writing and posting your Article in the Blog section:"A Scientific Take On Cat Nutrition", here on(TCS), the Cat Site 1.       In CKD cats, have there been any studies done on prescription diets...versus cats eating OTC foods with phosphorus...
  9. cat nap

    Geography Game

    Name a town, city, country,  or continent ....(playing in alphabetical order). Since towns, and cities, may have duplicate names (eg. London, UK  and London, ontario, canada)..(then just add further region, and country to we can tell where it is.) Duplicates are not a problem, just...
  10. cat nap

    Songs that make you Happy

    Name two songs that make you happy and say why. (post as often as you want, the longer the list the better for me.)  I'll start: Adele- Lovesong (Cure Cover)-    I think this is the perfect lovesong of all time..and the guitars move me. Fleetwood Mac- Hold Onto Me- great keyboard, guitar...