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  1. war&wisdom

    Anxious for Athena

    Hi, all, My 2.5-year-old kitty Athena has been having frequent diarrhea since yesterday afternoon and has vomited up last night's dinner and today's lunch. I tried giving her some plain chicken and rice with a bit of plain pumpkin mixed in (she LOVES pumpkin -- eats it straight off the spoon)...
  2. war&wisdom

    The feets!

    Just sharing cause my boy Ares' feet are so large and adorable, and he loves to stretch them out.
  3. war&wisdom

    Resident cats dealing with rescued stray kittens

    Yesterday, I saw a post on the NextDoor app about someone giving away two "free kittens" who would otherwise be "released elsewhere." I picked them up about a couple hours later, and they are absolutely adorable, even though they're scared. They've lived outside for the first four months of...
  4. war&wisdom

    Nail Chewing

    Disclaimer: I am taking my cats to the vet in a couple weeks for their annual checkup, and I will be asking about this, but I wanted to see if anyone had experience with nail chewing in cats. I couldn't find anything when I searched the forums. My one-year-old cat Ares has been chewing on his...
  5. war&wisdom

    Opinions? Introducing Two Bonded Cats To A Multi-cat Household

    Hi, everyone. I'm hoping for some advice. I'm going to be moving in August and will be sharing a house with a few other people. I was the first person to sign a lease other than the current resident (who has no pets), and, as some of you know, I have two tightly-bonded cats who are littermates...
  6. war&wisdom

    Sibling Kitty Love

    I often feel like I'm interrupting some intimate moments in my household...
  7. war&wisdom

    Folding Chair Fell On Kitty

    I'm out of the country right now and heard this from my partner. My nearly one-year-old Athena flopped onto her side today, as she does, but she did it on a table in the dining room. She fell off the table and onto the chair beside it, but this was a plastic folding chair, and she fell on it in...
  8. war&wisdom

    Normal For Cat To Start Meowing More?

    For perspective, she's almost a year old now. She used to be a quiet kitty outside of rough play with her brother, but in the past month or two, she's gotten a lot more vocal. She "yells at corners," we say, often at flecks of dust or dots on the wall, and sometimes when she's just overexcited...
  9. war&wisdom

    Poop Disparities?

    How dark is too dark? How light is too light? How thick is too thick? I have many questions about poop, apparently. Athena and Ares have distinctive poop, so I know when one or both have used the box, despite being gone most of the day and them sharing absolutely everything. Athena has very...
  10. war&wisdom

    My Kittens Decided To Model For Me, So I Thought I'd Share

    Athena: Ares: And then a tussle:
  11. war&wisdom

    Any Experience With Tummyworks?

    I tried FortiFlora per vet recommendation, but my girl threw it up within a minute, and my boy wouldn't even touch it. I mixed it into their food, as suggested...but nope. On the bright side, Chewy gave me a full refund, plus suggestions for other probiotics. So, does anyone have experience...
  12. war&wisdom

    My Picky Kitty Loves Nulo!

    I've posted about Ares' pickiness with wet food before and got excellent advice. I ended up giving him and his sister Fancy Feast once or twice a day for a few weeks and discovered (1) his love of fish, and (2) his love of beef (flavored with fish). I also knew how low-quality Fancy Feast is and...
  13. war&wisdom

    What's The Oldest A Cat Can Have A Growth Spurt?

    I've seen and heard various things from vets and on the internet. I do know that many cats continue to grow through 1.5 years and that big breeds grow for even longer. But growth spurts? I'm having a hard time finding information. Ares has put on more than half a pound in just a couple weeks...
  14. war&wisdom

    Lingering Coccidia? Something Else?

    Second post today...sorry, guys. How likely is it that two follow-up fecal analyses missed lingering coccidiosis? My kittens have continued to have intermittent soft poops with yellow/orange coloring in between healthy-seeming poops since their course of Albon a few months ago, but both...
  15. war&wisdom

    Picky 9-month-old Kitten

    Ares has always gone through phases with food. When we first adopted him at 8 weeks, he was often too distracted and hyped up to eat much at once, and we often had to place him in front of a plate/bowl to make him eat. We also spent about a month figuring out three wet foods he would eat...
  16. war&wisdom

    Dental Treats

    According to the Veterinary Oral Health Council, there are three kinds of treats that are accepted as effective against tartar: Greenies, Whiskas Dentabites, and Purina DentaLife. What are your experiences with these brands? Do you feel that the treats have made an impact on your kitties' dental...
  17. war&wisdom

    Am I Just Overly Worried?

    I've posted about Athena before, but I'm still a bit concerned about how round her belly is. She's just about 8 months old, and her belly has basically always been like this. It's bigger after eating, and it often feels taut. I took her to a vet to check it out just before she was spayed at the...
  18. war&wisdom

    Best Way To Get Sap Off A Kitty's Fur?

    My two 8-month-old kittens have been enjoying our Christmas tree (it's Blue Spruce, which is non-toxic to cats). Now the boy has some spots of sap on his face, and the girl has it on her whiskers! I thought they would lick it off each other, but they haven't after a couple of days. Do I just...
  19. war&wisdom

    Adoption Age

    Hi, all, I know that the current recommendation is for kittens to be adopted out at 10-12 weeks (but the later the better). There are a lot of comments on this site expressing surprise about how people have adopted kittens "so young" (8-9 weeks). But in my area (DC/MD/VA metropolitan region)...
  20. war&wisdom

    Fur Length Question

    Hi, everyone, This is Vinnie. He's my partner's family cat, not mine, but my partner and I have been having a little dispute about whether Vinnie is short-, medium-, or long-haired. I say medium. His tail is pretty fluffy (somehow couldn't find a photo with it), but he also has very thin fur...