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  1. capt_jordi

    Meet Brimley

    I work at a vets office and we had an owner surrender this pitiful Himalayan that was in rather rough shape but mostly due to the environment he was living in. As soon as he got a clean bill of health, he came home with me! He was named Storm originally, but the name really didnt fit him. So we...
  2. Meet Brimley

    Meet Brimley

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  5. Tear Stains and Face cleaning

    Tear Stains and Face cleaning

  6. capt_jordi

    Tear Stains and Face cleaning

    So I've recently adopted a Himalayan, who we've named Brimley, from a bad situation. He is a wonderful but weird cat. But he is also an allergy cat. He is on Hydroxyzine to help control the allergies and it seems to be helping some. (first some back story:) When he was surrendered by his owner...
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  11. capt_jordi

    Just how many receptionists does a vet need?

    I work as a vet assistant/receptionist. We have our Office manager, a full time receptionist, and then I'm part time. Currently our office manager is on maternity leave so its usually just one person on the front desk except Friday afternoons and I have to tell you it is HORRIBLY stressful to...
  12. capt_jordi

    Need a very soft food for a sick cat that doesnt like wet food...

    I was able to get him to eat some baby food with a syringe. But he'd only do about 6mL before he got really upset with me. I figure I will give him about that much every hour or so? The vet said he could eat as much as he wanted, but what is the minimum amount I should make sure he eats?
  13. capt_jordi

    Need a very soft food for a sick cat that doesnt like wet food...

    yeah I have been trying to coax him to eat all day. He ate a few pieces of the Tiki Cat this morning but not much. Although he just had the surgery yesterday and you could tell he was still feeling the drugs when we brought him home.
  14. capt_jordi

    Need a very soft food for a sick cat that doesnt like wet food...

    We used to feed fancy feast and he would only eat the gravy lovers and even then would only lick the gravy off and Google would get the rest.  And yeah I think baby food may be my next go to option and a syringe if needed. 
  15. capt_jordi

    Need a very soft food for a sick cat that doesnt like wet food...

    It's been a while since I've been here, but I figured you guys would be my best option for help! Joey went to the vet yesterday and had a tooth pulled and unfortunately they found a mass under the base of his tongue. We are waiting on the results from the biopsy to see what we are dealing...
  16. capt_jordi

    Need some fashion advice about shoes/cocktail dress

    I'd go silver or black strappy shoes (not wedges, they are too casual) or a pair of pumps. Either classic black or maybe something with a little detail
  17. capt_jordi

    Secret Santa Sign-ups 2012!!- sign-ups are over! recipients e-mailed out!

    Considering how little I have been around here lately and due to trying to save up to go back to school and to get a new car I think I am out this year   oh well. Hope everyone has fun!
  18. capt_jordi

    Flat Iron Hair Straightener

    I have a Chi and love it. Gary got it for me one year for Christmas and it has been great! It heats up and cools down quickly and works great for both straightening and curling.
  19. capt_jordi

    Anyone play Neopets?

    I ended up back on there the other day thanks to reddit. I tried to get my old account back, but cant for the life of me remember my password or the fake birthday I used to sign up! LOL! But I did get a new account, my id is viridian_vixen
  20. capt_jordi

    Memorial Day

    it was a rather busy weekend around here. Saturday we had Gary's family reunion in KY so that was a lot of fun! Sunday we mostly cleaned up the house and did some serious yard work and his parents stopped by. Yesterday we had a bunch of friends over and did a big bbq of buffalo burgers and...