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  1. Noahh

    Share some cat/cat-related facts that you know!

    I'll begin. "ailurophile" means "a cat lover." And "aelurophile " means "a lover of cats." Also called "felinophile," "philofelist," and "philogalist." And "Ailurophilia" means "a fondness or love of cats or other felines." While "ailurophobia" is a phobia that has to do with cats. "Extreme or...
  2. Noahh

    Explain your cat's name

    Awe, he is absolutely adorable! Thank you for telling me about Prime Snuggles! :) I was actually quite surprised by how uncommon of a name it is especially considering how well it fits.
  3. Noahh

    Explain your cat's name

    My previous cat's name was "Peanut Butter," chosen by me! I loved peanut butter at the time, I just kinda like it now.
  4. Noahh

    Explain your cat's name

    The shelter we adopted Snuggles from said his name was Snuggles because he loved snuggling. (Not true, haha) We still kept it though because it is a cute name, and surprisingly quite uncommon. Explain your cat's name!
  5. Noahh

    Anyone else have a bathtub cat?

    Haha, he is goofy and adorable! Sometimes before I take a bath or shower, Snuggles will come into the bathroom and get in the bathtub.
  6. Noahh

    Show Me Your Stripes And Spots! Tabby Cats Only ;)

  7. Noahh

    What is your cat's favorite thing to do?

    Awe, haha. How does Lilith boss everyone around? And Sophie does what my cat does, haha.
  8. Noahh

    What is your cat's favorite thing to do?

    My cat LOVES looking out windows! What is your cat's favorite thing to do? Let me know! :)
  9. Noahh

    The Positive Thread 2020

    I just wasn't able to really connect with anyone at school because they are most dog lovers, so this provided with some nice cat discussion!
  10. Noahh

    The Positive Thread 2020

    Well, Snuggles slept by me last night and woke up with me this morning. Also, I joined this site Monday. Which is positive in of itself!
  11. Noahh

    Coral is offical!

    Coral is a great name! She is great as well! :D She is gonna have a great life from here on out, that is for sure.
  12. Noahh

    Does your cat sleep with you?

  13. Noahh

    Does your cat sleep with you?

    Ohh. I have heard about that, but I never put two and two together. Thank you! I might try this.
  14. Noahh

    Does your cat sleep with you?

    I always love when my cat sleeps with me, but it seems I sorta have to trick him into by giving him treats and hoping he stays on my bed or just picking him up and putting him on it. It seems he more so enjoys his cat bed out in the hallway by my bedroom. Lastnight, though, he slept by my legs...
  15. Noahh

    Snuggles currently

    This is Snuggles currently. Being a lazy kitty: I cannot be upset with that cutie, though.
  16. Noahh

    Camera Couldn't Cope

    Haha, that's too cute!
  17. Noahh

    Happy Quinceañera Mooch!

    Happy burfday to her! It sounds like has snd will continue to have a purrfect burfday! :)
  18. Noahh

    Do you have a plan if you suddenly found yourself unable to care for your cat(s)?

    Well, there are 3 other people that live at my house, and the cat food and water is always accessible to them all day, every day. My dad also made the water bowl auto refilling. So, when the water goes down, it refills itself. So, in all, I don't really have a plan, but I also don't need one...
  19. Noahh

    Snowshoe or Siamese???

    I believe Theodore is a siamese and Phoebe is a snowshoe. Phoebe has more white (especially on his face and chest), and Theodore has more darker colors.