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  1. KrissyMaddie


    Glenn was just diagnosed with diabetes :( It's only been a week, and his follow up is tomorrow to see how he's been doing with insulin twice a day. I wanted to know if anyone has any advise, tips, stories, etc. from their own experiences! I'm hoping we caught it early he will go into remission...
  2. KrissyMaddie

    Might as well say hello!

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristen, life long Masshole living in Rhode Island and still working in Mass! My fiancée and I are a blended family with our two furbabies: Glenn is my 6.5 year old american short hair gray and white cat, who has quite the history with how he ended up being mine; Holly is my...
  3. KrissyMaddie

    Frequent Urinating and Drinking

    Hello all! I unfortunately only come on here when something is up with my booger, but it really helps to know I'm not alone and hear recommendations and thoughts from others who may have a similar experience! Glenn has been thriving on his C/D food for his urinary blockages and adapting well...
  4. KrissyMaddie

    Blood In Urine After Urinary Blockage

    Hello! I have been coming on here for the last 2 weeks to ease my mind about my cats recent blockage. Thankfully he's been doing well...up until this past weekend, and I cannot find any other posts regarding this exact situation. My 5 year old male cat Glenn had two urinary blockages in 2015...