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  1. sasha.mccartney2

    How to put a cat on a diet

    Greeting fellow cat-enthusiasts! Now it's actually been four weeks since Haku moved in with us in our comfy little apartment in Germany, after we adopted him from a rescue who picked him up from Bulgaria's streets. So far he's been doing good, slowly getting to know every corner of his new home...
  2. sasha.mccartney2

    Putting a collar on my cat

    Good morning fellow cat-enthusiasts! I'd like to hear your opinion on putting a collar on a cat. My cat Haku is an indoor cat, he is chipped but I still put on a collar on him, i guess it's more for the human's eye than for him. He doesn't seem to mind at all, putting it on was no problem...
  3. sasha.mccartney2

    Scared he will not eat enough

    Hello fellow cat-enthusiasts! About two weeks ago I adopted a lovely 5 year old rescue from Bulgaria we named Haku. Over the course of the last two weeks he got relatively attached to us, which makes me very happy. He comes cuddle and will sleep on the bed next to me. We adopted him from a...
  4. sasha.mccartney2

    Very anxious and always hiding

    Good Evening fellow cat-lovers! Yesterday was finally the day! My little rescue cat from Bulgaria moved in, we named him Haku. But he is very anxious and keeps hiding. The moment the carrier box opened he ran out and searched for a hiding spot, quickly found it under our bed in the bedroom. I...
  5. sasha.mccartney2

    Greetings from Germany

    Hello fellow cat-community! I'm Sasha, 20 years old and from Germany. My boyfriend and I recently moved into our own apartment. We've always been cat-people and had cats before so we decided to adopt another furbaby to complete our little home. We decided to adopt a rescue from Bulgaria, which...