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    Pregnant rescued semi feral behavior

    Hi all! A few weeks ago I took in a semi feral who had been coming around the building where I live for several months. The idea was to get her spayed & depending on her socialization either return or socialize. Once trapped she it seemed like she would come around, so I kept her to see how she...
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    Hi all!!

    Hi everyone, I just joined yesterday and so far have already gotten so much out of this community. I have two cats, well..., now three since I just rescued one and I just wanted to introduce them. There's Miyagi who I got from a lady who needed to rehome him when he was 7-8months old (now...
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    Guidance with a semi-feral please!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forum and happy I found it! I've been feeding nightly a semi-feral cat that has been coming to the entryway of the building where I leave probably since last fall. With time and patience I've managed to get her to be able to sit on the ground and have her eat right next...