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  1. trishc59


    Our Patina loves to be up by the back door during warm summer days.
  2. trishc59

    Crying at night

    We lost our male cat recently after 15 years, his sister is still with us and since his passing i felt bad since she does not to come up stairs she and her brother always stay more in our finished basement it was like their own space. I put a baby monitor there and now i hear her crying i run...
  3. trishc59

    Grieving our boy

    We lost our boy Jacques on Sept 6, 2020. Jacques was a strong male cat, aggressive and very independent, but with me he was my baby. Jacques gave us 15 great years. I always hold my cats when we go to the Vet for their shots and checkups. Jacques hated going to the Vet so much we had to...