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    Affording all wet - so confused on quality/price?

    My girls, Snap (7) and Grommet (5) currently eat 1/2 cup Hills Science Indoor dry a day and they each get 1/2 can of Blue Buffalo Freedom either chicken or fish. The wet food equals 62 cents a day to feed them, and I think the Hills should last them about 3 months 38 cents a day for...
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    Redirected Aggression for Cats They Can't See, But Hear

    I have two girl kitties, Snap (7) and Grommet (5). After the introduction period a few years ago, they get along just fine. Sure, there's play tussling, but that's play and not real fighting. They are indoor-only kitties, although I do keep them up to date on Revolution because you never know...
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    Cheaper Wet Food Comparable To Wellness

    Hi all- I have been feeding my two furbabies a combination of Wellness Weight Management dry food and Wellness Core Hearty Chunks Whitefish and Salmon daily. Both have beautiful coats (even if I swear their spring shredding has lasted 4 months!), and are perfectly healthy. I wouldn't consider...