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    Is my cat an Abyssinian mix?

    Hi! Thank you for your reply! They're everything to me, love em to death. Hmmm I still think they have some kind of Abyssinian mix to them because their necks are long and long limbs. The don't have the tick coats but such similar characteristics to a Abyssinian. However, I might be wrong. I...
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    My Problem with Pine Pellets

    Bought a big bag of pellets before and tried to use it. My cat refused, so now that bag of pellet is used as a door stopper lol. Pellets suck!
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    Is my cat an Abyssinian mix?

    Wow, came into the right thread. I recently picked up two kittens and one of them, is similar to yours. I wanted to find out what type of breed she was and it led me to Abyss + domestic short hair. The characteristics and behaviors mentioned in this thread were spot on. They are very curious in...