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    Foods similar to Almo Nature?

    Hi, I do not know about Almo nature but based on your description (real Salmon in broth) these maybe close? Tiki Cat Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon in Salmon Consomme Grain-Free Canned Cat Food Tiki Cat Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon in Salmon Consomme Grain-Free Canned Cat Food, 2.8-oz, case of 12 -...

    Moving internationally with a cat

    I've looked into this a little bit in the past but no experience. Here is Japanese government requirements - wishing you all the best :goodluck: Other regions:動物検疫所

    For those who feed raw, how do you feed when you have long work days?

    I use these 4oz jar so far no issue! (and yes, I do freeze various recycled jars to store people food vs. kitties get everything brand new ...)

    Cat Not Enticed by Anything!

    I am wondering about Fish ... looked up Friskies and even " Classic Pate Turkey & Giblets" "Classic Pate Poultry Platter" have Fish in in it. My kitties definitely produce fishy output when they eat fish :fish: First time kitty parents :clapcat: Me too, and I made lots of mistakes such as...

    Ingredients in premixes

    This sounds familiar ... before we transition to homemade raw, all :caticon: :caticon: were eating were basically shredded chicken plus something - (they did not eat pate). Even the can says " chicken and turkey", "chicken and quail", etc etc, those are basically 90% chicken plus a little bit...

    Ingredients in premixes

    Hi, I do not know answer but your question made me curious, thought I'll share (sorry if you already read!) Why premix contain egg or whey protein - EZComplete Premix Information Whey Protein Isolate Another on egg (recipe I follow - I also skip egg being lazy) Making Cat Food On Yeast -...

    Do your cats like stella’s Freeze dried food?

    Mine like Chicken and Turkey, not much Duck. They get 2 PC per day per cat as snack without rehydrated. Several years ago when they were eating as part of meal (rehydrated at that time), I had one bad batch which contained lots of little sharp bone. That made me stopped using it, then this...

    My cat LOVES veggies! Do you have a cat that does?

    My kitties get once a year adzuki bean birthday cake with asparagus candles. I know this is no-no, but they LOVE it! Pila, the orange girl, showed interest on melon in the past, but human is not in favor of it she rarely sees it ...

    Chicagoland - pickup HT Chicken ?

    Thanks! Hopefully I can find somebody, either cat parent, dog parent or even who wants to eat 🍗 by themselves :p

    Chicagoland - pickup HT Chicken ?

    Thank you! I thought about going to ask pet store people (they may not want me to post something but employee themselves may feed raw or know somebody), did not thought about shelter ... there is one pretty close to me, I will start from them. There is not much freezer space for "human food"...

    Chicagoland - pickup HT Chicken ?

    Thanks for your tip! I found the one near me. I am not really on social media other than catsite, but keep this on my back of my head if I cannot find anybody in anywhere else!

    Chicagoland - pickup HT Chicken ?

    One of my kitty is currently on Turkey only diet. I have HT chicken - 1 * 5lb of boneless chicken ground, 2 * 2 lb of bonelss chicken cubes, and bonus 2lb chicken feet (this one, I opened package to take a look). Does anyone in Chicagoland want to come pick these up? My freezer space is...

    Furniture and Cat Claws

    I use clear packing tape over fabric sofa. Not a fancy solution but works for our purpose. Kitties know they are not supposed to scratch, and have lots of scratching post/board. Only reason they scratch sofa is to get my immediate attention, so "set the post/board right next to" does not...

    Recs for marshmallow root powder NOT sourced from China?

    This one is from Bulgaria This one, "cut" version lists Country of Origin as Croatia, but powder did not say anything ...

    Rabbit paws. Safe to chew?...

    Hare Today sells these as snack but mainly for dogs? We bought once, kitties used as toy. Ear, Pila ate a little bit but out of curiosity not really into it.

    Has anyone tried milk thistle, yucca, or other supplements to stimulate appetite in a healthy-ish cat?

    If you are going to try silvervine, I recommend powder (like this one) instead of stick. My kitties shows very mild interest on sticks but go crazy on powder ... this particular one is from fruits, maybe that makes difference..:headscratch:

    Help! Cat no longer eating raw.

    This is about homemade raw but maybe some useful information? Hope she's eating better by now :petcat: My Cat Stopped Eating Raw - What Do I Do?

    Help! Cat no longer eating raw.

    She knows Mom's homemade is the BEST! Smart :cutecat:

    My raw fed cat has been pukey lately

    I think it is not as simple as puke = hot but staying neutral maybe a safe bet? I see different cool/neutral/warm chart on internet, I even saw one place where Turkey has * mark, on footnote said could be either cool or warm .... or something really confusing :headscratch: Pila is taking...

    New food: nutrisource chicken select

    From my cheat sheet; Total of Protein/Fat/Fiber/Moisture/Ash comes over 100 so Carb comes out MINUS! Moisture/Ash/Fiber are Max., adjusted a little and looks like below