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  1. Willow's Mom

    Homemade cat treats?

    That's what I'm using: Stella & Chewy's Carnivore Crunch in the dog section, but it's just dried turkey. It needs to be cut up a bit, but it does the trick.
  2. Willow's Mom

    Question of the day - Thursday 12 December

    It's a Wonderful Life
  3. Willow's Mom

    What it is my cat. He does not have papers

    I'm glad that went well! Philippa is beautiful and now that she's spayed, you won't have any more unexpected problems with unexpectedly having a girl kitten. My Willow is the same age and Spay Day is next week.
  4. Willow's Mom

    What breed is he? Bengal?

    He absolutely does not look like the "bengals" on my local Craig's List, who are spotted tabby domestic shorthairs. I see litters of ferals described as "three bengals, two tuxedos, and a russian blue" but I don't see rosettes like that. I'm in the US and I wish I could help those kittens too...
  5. Willow's Mom

    I have an update

    What an absolute dear of a cat. She certainly is ginormous! That type of spotted tabby isn't a Bengal any more than my Willow is a Russian Blue, but people are going to describe her that way because of her colouring. She has such a sweet face. Anyway, my Wallaby used to dig and dig when I was...
  6. Willow's Mom

    Chicken necks

    My six month old is big enough to enjoy a chicken neck now. She didn't seem to have any litter box issues afterwards. Is it safe to give her one every week as a treat now? S
  7. Willow's Mom

    Whole Prey/Prey Model questions

    I am very fortunate to have a good relationship with a local rodentry. I have been able to feed Willow whole prey pretty much since she came home, starting with pinkie mice as an occasional treat when she was 8 weeks old on up to a small-medium rat for her Thanksgiving dinner. She is thriving...
  8. Willow's Mom

    Hiking In The Rain With Adventure Kitten

    We got caught out in a downpour once and she did fantastic, so tomorrow I am planning on deliberately taking her up to Headwaters with "PM Rain" predicted. She loves exploring after a storm and stayed outside of my raincoat for a long time the last time so there is no reason to leave her behind...
  9. Willow's Mom

    Someday I will learn to...

    Willow has started following me around and getting curious while I do litterbox duty. She has three in three different rooms that I scoop at least every day. Franklin had one that he liked changed all the way twice a week, and that involved going outside to empty it because of the dust...
  10. Willow's Mom

    Misty climbs tree

    She is freaking adorable! You should enter the third shot (C9FDC288-DE1C-4....) in the Christmas Kitties contest. Your photography is excellent and is only going to get better with Misty around. ;)
  11. Willow's Mom

    Opinion on this commercial raw?

    I would buy that for Willow. It looks fine to me.
  12. Willow's Mom

    Throwing thing in water

    I guess Willow isn't that weird after all! She "helps"me water the plants, which is very annoying and potentially fatal to next Spring's seedlings, but on the positive side she keeps me company when I'm in the bathtub, loves to go hiking after a storm or in a light rain, and snuggled up under my...
  13. Willow's Mom

    What (breed) mix? 🐱👀 Need more info than Tabby!

    He is fantastic! I did a bit of research on my own because I was too embarassed to ask here. My cat is different than my dogs: although there is such a breed as the "American Shorthair", it has been derived from cats like Willow, whereas my mongrel dogs were derived from the neighbour's...
  14. Willow's Mom

    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2019

    The rains are coming. Hoping to get Willow out to the forest tomorrow before it starts, but I'm glad I already know how she reacts to getting caught out in a bunch of weather. I'll be looking for shorter hikes for her or moving her into the bubble backpack if she needs me to. The temperatures...
  15. Willow's Mom

    Just Lounging

    Whether you should or not, you totally could. He's very lovable. It's totally out of character for me to get so obsessed with photographs of a cat on the internet, but Theo just makes me smile. Your photography is excellent and I'd hate to see your enjoyment of it ruined by trying to turn it...
  16. Willow's Mom

    Shoulder Cats!

    Willow doesn't use claws either.
  17. Willow's Mom

    Question of The Day. Saturday 7th of December.

    I'm pretty good about remembering to lock up. The house hasn't been broken into, but the car has when it was in "camper" mode. I wouldn't have minded if they had taken food, blankets, and other things they needed, but prescription bifocal eyeglasses? A patchwork skirt I made over five years ago...
  18. Willow's Mom

    Is my kitty a Russian Blue?

    My Willow doesn't look a thing like a RB but we get it too; it's unusual to see a cat out and about in public, so people just assume she must be an unusual breed of cat;
  19. Willow's Mom

    Tabby and Bengal mix??

    He is STUNNING!!! I'm madly in love with classic tabbies too. They seem exotic to me since I've mostly had mackerel tabbies. My Willow has just the faintest classic tabby markings in the right light if you look closely enough. I'm glad you asked. I've seen a lot of ads on craig's list for...