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  1. betsygee

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    Rico and Ozzy are actually tuxies, not all black, but...close enough for today. Happy BCAD to Ozzy, Zoe, and Rico, and all the other black cats out there. :dancingblackcat::blackcat2::bigeyes::purr::clapcat:
  2. betsygee

    Happy International Cat Day To My Fur-kids

    August 8, International Cat Day! Ozzy, Zoe, and Rico. :clapcat: :celebrate:
  3. betsygee

    Happy National Zucchini Day!

    There's a holiday for everything. :lol: My brother-in-law gave us some huge zucchini from his garden so I've been making zucchini recipes this week. Earlier this week, I made double chocolate zucchini muffins and crustless zucchini pie, both delicious. :yummy: Tonight I'm going to try...
  4. betsygee

    Happy 4th Of July

    For those who celebrate it! What are you doing to celebrate? Not much here—hubby and I are heading downtown to see the festivities. I think there are food booths, music on the lawn at City Hall, and I’m not sure what all. If it isn’t too crowded, we’ll walk around a bit. Then we’re going...
  5. betsygee

    Good-bye, Hannah

    We lost our little Hannah on June 19, 2019. She had just turned 16 a couple of weeks before. Hannah was 10 when we got her, one of four kitties we took in six years ago when a friend died. Hannah’s other three tribe-mates had all passed on before her. She hated our three resident cats so she’d...
  6. betsygee

    Lima Bean Respect Day!

    Who knew there was a holiday for lima beans? :lol: I can't stand them myself, :cringe: so I'll pass on 'celebrating' today. Do you love them or hate them?
  7. betsygee

    Caticorn Is Here! What's Your Caticorn Name?

    Some friends showed up today with a belated birthday gift for me--Limited Edition Caticorn breakfast cereal. Who knew such a magical thing existed? :clapcat: Right now, you can only get it through Sam's Club and my friend went to the trouble of having a friend who's a member order it for her...
  8. betsygee

    Happy 'if Pets Had Thumbs' Day!

    March 3 is If Pets Had Thumbs Day. There's a holiday for everything, isn't there! :lol: What would your cat do if they had opposable thumbs? Mine would be flipping open the treat box 24/7! :lol:
  9. betsygee

    Happy Chinese New Year! What's Your Sign?

    I'm a pig! (just in Chinese astrology!) :D 2019 is the Year of the Pig, so it should be my lucky year. :yess: Click on your sign (scroll about halfway down the page to find it) for your horoscope for 2019. :)
  10. betsygee

    Fellow Vegetarians?

    Happy World Vegetarian Day! :yess: What made you decide to become a vegetarian? How long have you been one? For me, it was a combination of spiritual and health choices. I had what my doctor called a 'nervous stomach.' I wanted to try cleaning up my diet instead of going on medication...
  11. betsygee

    Happy First Day Of Fall/spring

    It's the first day of fall where I live. It sure feels like it--very foggy and chilly here this morning. :fallsmiley: :fallsmiley: :fallsmiley:
  12. betsygee

    World Gratitude Day

    I'm grateful for this amazing community of cat lovers! :heartshape: What are you grateful for? :)
  13. betsygee

    Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

    Want to find out your pirate name? :clapcat: Mine was Mad Bess Cash.
  14. betsygee

    Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

    August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Zoe gets an extra treat today. :lol: Zoe when we got her in 2009.
  15. betsygee

    May 11 - Eat What You Want Day!

    I generally treat myself when I feel like it anyway, but now that I know today should be specifically dedicated to eating what I want :lol: I think I'll stop and get a coconut cupcake when I go to the shopping center later. :yummy: What do you eat when you want to splurge?
  16. betsygee

    National Raisin Day April 30

    Raisins seem to be one of those things that people either love or hate. I'm in the hater group. :lol2: Which category are you in--love 'em or hate 'em?
  17. betsygee

    Happy Earth Day!

  18. betsygee

    I Think I’m An Enabler

  19. betsygee

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Is anyone celebrating the holiday? I'm not, really, but I do want to wear green! Unfortunately, the only green shirt I've found so far has a Christmas tree on it. :lol: :goodluck: :clover: :goodluck: :clover: :goodluck: :clover: :goodluck: :clover: :goodluck: :clover: :goodluck...
  20. betsygee

    Kitten Bowl 5!

    I'm going to be traveling and will miss the big event. It looks like it will be awfully cute, though. :heartshape: