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  1. bonepicker

    Cat Has Scabs Again

    my cat gets scabs on neck and head about 3 times per year. I take her to vet where she gets a shot and it clears up for a few months. This time she had one on her belly too. She eats grain free canned only, fragrance free litter, and gets Revolution all year long. Do you think it could be a...
  2. bonepicker

    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    It seems most cats love rabbit and duck both would be natural foods in the wild. Mine eat chicken, beef, rabbit and duck rotated daily. They love whole earth farms, Soulistic (Weruva), Merrick, Pride, Truluxe (Weruva)
  3. bonepicker

    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    They are on timed feedings no kibble at all so they are voracious at meal time. I give them freeze dry chicken (dog size bag) to satisfy the crunch, they would eat friskies too if I fed it.
  4. bonepicker

    Litter Box Smell

    My girls litter box has no smell, I use ultra fresh step unscrnted, clumps taken out daily. She is fed canned food only.
  5. bonepicker

    Weruva Slide N' Serve Meals

    That looks great, I will try it!
  6. bonepicker

    What Is The Next New Cat Food You Want To Try?

    I must be lucky mine have eaten same food for 5 years now. Whole Earth Farms, Merrick, Soulistic. No changes needed.
  7. bonepicker

    Canned Food And Mouth Cancer?

    Dryfood is worse still
  8. bonepicker

    Scabs Appearing Out Of Nowhere On Housecat

    My guess is ringworm, which is contagious to pets and people, keep an eye on the other cat, keep area and bedding clean, use gloves if you touch sores
  9. bonepicker

    How Did My Baby Get Lymphoma?

    I always wonder how much food has to do with it or flea prevention. My cats throw up when given even small amounts of dry. They both eat grain free canned.
  10. bonepicker

    Fancy Feast Troubles

    I find if you reintroduce it, they might eat the FF again.
  11. bonepicker

    Fancy Feast Troubles

  12. bonepicker

    Long Life On Fancy Feast

    D did the cat that lived to 30 go outside? I know they supplement their diets with moles and chipmunks
  13. bonepicker

    Cheap Wet Food

    Mine have chicken breakfast and either rabbit, beef or duck for dinner. This has been for ten years. I opened the wrong can one morning and they walked away, but ate it that night?????‍♂️
  14. bonepicker

    Its Official, My Cat Won’t Eat Fancy Feast Anymore.

    If you feed kibble, stop and she will eat canned. Mine likes Merrick rabbit pate and whole earth farms (Merrick) beef or duck pate. She also likes Soulistic(Weruva) chicken dinner in gelee. Mine will also eat some friskies flavors like supreme supper and country dinner but I feed friskies to...
  15. bonepicker

    Whole Earth Farms New Flavors

    Yes mine eat Merrick rabbit and beef or duck in whole earth and chicken dinner pate and shreds by soulistic
  16. bonepicker

    Whole Earth Farms New Flavors

    What are the flavors, mine love duck or beef for 5 years
  17. bonepicker

    Scab On Head

    I certainly will. The last shot lasted 5 months. She is mad about no kibble treats anymore but I will give more purebites.
  18. bonepicker

    Scab On Head

    She got the same shot she got in October antibiotic/steroid. Doctor said if she needs it twice a year that’s not so bad, if she needs it more perhaps I should go to allergy specialist. She lost a little weight. She got nails clipped too. Scabs gone now. I have withdrawn kibble. Did...
  19. bonepicker

    Scab On Head

    Well we got the same shot as last October, it was a steroid/antibiotic. He did a blood test to check thyroid and nothing. He cut her nails. He said if it happens twice a year the shots work as needed, but