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  1. Brian007

    Artie: Two Months

    Deep grief lasts a long time - at least a year, if not longer. It's like an illness though, with many reoccurring, bumpy stages. But it will lessen, I promise. However, I doubt it will leave you forever, and you wouldn't want it to. When I get a sudden pang for Brian (after 2 years and 5...
  2. Brian007

    First Time Cat Owner Advice

    A worthy update with sage advice, thank you for thinking of others. And thanks from me for Dova's report, it's wonderful to know he's thriving. :rock:
  3. Brian007

    Contest July Picture Of The Month: *** Cat Tails ***

    Entry: Dudley and Parker. With two of the floofiest fluffy tails around, I had many worthy photos to chose from. Parker has the most happy, curly pig-tail, straight up in the air; whilst Dudley is part beaver and tends to drape his tail over things, what with it being so very, very long...
  4. Brian007

    Cat Tongues Thursday!!!

    Woohoo, it's Cat Tongue Thursday! Here is Dudley's wee tongue tip/straight paws combo. :wave3:
  5. Brian007

    You can't see me!

    Parker had to spend three hours in someone else's flat on Monday, he was a total wimp the entire time. Here he's clearly trying the old invisibility trick, if I stick my head under something then my body will disappear. :paperbag:
  6. Brian007

    Do Cats Mature Change Around 3 Years Old?

    @Norachan, I swithered back and forwards about mentioning the could-be death sentence now placed on the stray cat, suddenly dumped nine miles away. Cats have NO sense of direction whatsoever, it won't know which way is up. That's why they walk their territory in the exact same pattern each and...
  7. Brian007

    Do Cats Mature Change Around 3 Years Old?

    A few things that slipped my mind have sidled back in: What are his general energy levels like? Being overweight, especially gaining the weight so quickly, will make him feel sluggish and inactive. Try to play five minute sessions of a high energy fishing rod game like da bird, which would...
  8. Brian007

    Do Cats Mature Change Around 3 Years Old?

    :hellosmiley: Is he neutered? His obsession with the outdoors might be territorial and might even be to do with the same stray cat who you dispatched today. If he is neutered then how old was he when it was done? If he's not neutered then... I agree with the others, to keep him inside for...
  9. Brian007

    Applause For Paws

    @dustydiamond1, seductive :loveeyes: Dudley was delighted to have captured this glitter card with a leaf shaped hole in it. He pawed on it like this for ages, it must have aroused something sensual in his pads. :fallsmiley:
  10. Brian007

    Contest P O M: June 2018 - Claws And Scratching

    Phew, AT LAST, I found one! I've just about gone blind scrolling through photos. Ragdolls don't really do claws, they're more paw than claw. Even in photos of Dudley and Parker full-on wrestling there's only toe fluff or pink bean at best. Entry: Parker He is legitimately flexing his...
  11. Brian007

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, June 19

    Or, possibly this, having just googled it, if it came with the surrounding shooting device. But, I reckon @Kieka's cat cushion might just best it.
  12. Brian007

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, June 19

    I'd rather have @Kieka's kit though! :running:
  13. Brian007

    Question Of The Day - Tuesday, June 19

    I have an array of implements, including a 48cm led aquarium lightsaber like this: And, giant sunflower & hydrangea swords, some smaller handy sunflower pokers, a couple of crocheted angels (?), several mini glitter ball(bombs), glittery butterflies (twinkly distraction aids), three cat bums...
  14. Brian007

    Peeing In Sink

    I actually think Oscar deserves an Oscar for 'time-keeping' and 'keeping his sink peeing fetish to an absolute minimum'. And, I'd say that, yes, I think Oscar is a little nuts but then so are the rest of us. :clap2:
  15. Brian007

    Anyone Else Have Nobody

    Oh wow, that's amazing news! I'm very happy for you both. :yess:
  16. Brian007

    I'm Cat Sitting A Ragdoll

    @everybody :hellosmiley: @Furballsmom :bouquet:
  17. Brian007

    Thoughts That Worry Me

    Maybe you could simply ask your landlord if they would let you have a dog as a special case, you never know. And if they definitely say no, then look at 13 months of solid cat time to be treasured, then look for another apartment that allows 3 pets. :catlove:
  18. Brian007

    I'm Cat Sitting A Ragdoll

    He looks like he'll be a big ragdoll, going by the size of him at 6 months. Dudley was that kind of size at six months and is now, at 2 years old, well over 7kg/16lbs. Whereas, Parker has always been mini and (fingers crossed) won't suddenly have a growth spurt any time soon. He's one year...
  19. Brian007

    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    I discovered a clothes and carpet moth larvae infestation last week, which has totally scrumpled my mind, as I became ill when dealing with an infestation a few years ago, and am now ridiculously phobic and constantly shaking in fear. Bear with me for the pawsitivity. The only firm that kills...
  20. Brian007

    Can Anyone Solve This Mystery?

    She might just be a pukey kind of cat with a bit of IBS. I've known quite a few pukey cats who were otherwise perfectly healthy. I'd keep giving her routine hairball treatment and monitor her puking habits, maybe start a diary on her signs and symptoms. It's amazing what keeping a diary on a...