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  1. Willow's Mom


    Is toothpaste necessary, other than as a reward or treat? I'm currently not using it on self, dogs, or kitten. My understanding is that it is the physical action of removing plaque daily that is helpful. The flouride in human toothpaste may or may not help, but we don't use that on pets...
  2. Willow's Mom

    nursing question: do kittens typically nurse off only one nipple?

    My situation is unusual, but probably just La Leche League 101. I wanted to ask if kittens typically will nurse off of the same nipple, even if they do not have siblings to compete with. I'm pretty sure everything is okay. Willow is now five months old. She was taken away from her mother at...
  3. Willow's Mom

    How would I describe Willow?

    My avatar picture is one of my very favourites or else just click on my profile---most of my posts are pictures or just gushing about how much I love this new baby. Of course any mostly solid grey cat is going to get the comment, "Hey, you've got a Russian Blue on your shoulder!" and the fact...
  4. Willow's Mom

    Willow And The Chihuahuas

    The dogs are full grown and smaller than your average house cat. Willow is going to be a big girl when she grows up if she takes after her mom.
  5. Willow's Mom

    Hiking In The Rain With Adventure Kitten

    We get more rain than snow here in the winter. I wasn't sure what Willow would think about it, but decided not to cancel our Sunday hike since she showed curiousity, rather than fear, about a damp place in one of our regular haunts and didn't seem to mind getting her feet muddy. It was just a...
  6. Willow's Mom

    Whole Prey

    I am lucky enough to have found a reasonable and very pleasant source of feeder rodents to supplement Willow's diet of mostly frozen prepared raw. I was curious whether anyone else here was able to do this and felt like answering some questions. Willow is about eleven weeks old by our...
  7. Willow's Mom

    Litter Box And Potted Plant Issue

    Willow was an outdoor-only kitty until she came to live with me and my dogs, where she has to be indoor-only except for supervised outings. She didn't use the litter box for the longest time and I finally found out where all the kitty pee was going when one of my coffee trees met an untimely...
  8. Willow's Mom

    Hello From Willow And Me

    Hi forum, Willow is my new baby. I've had cats as companions for most of my life, but she is the first kitten in almost 30 years and I intend to spoil her rotten. She's extremely outgoing, friendly, and active. We've already been hiking together and she even walks on leash for a short...