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  1. Kittycatcat

    Cat Spay

    Hello, I've got my cat booked in for her spay next week. Just wondering if its worth bothering with one of those collars the vet gives you to stop them picking at the stitches or if it just causes more stress to the cat. Advise please.
  2. Kittycatcat

    Boy or girl name?

    Trying to think of a name for our little kitten, I love the name Loki. It seems it can be used for either a boy or girl but what is your first thought on gender with this name?
  3. Kittycatcat

    Bengal Shedding

    Hi there, Just wondered for those of you who own a bengal (Actually I will rephrase that, for those that are owned by a bengal haha) do they tend to shed more in the summer? I've read that they tend to shed twice yearly, both their summer and winter coat, is this true? I'm a new bengal owner...
  4. Kittycatcat

    Rescue cat possibly pregnant?

    Hello, I'm new here, I've got two cats, My male tabby who's 4yrs old (Castrated) and a recently acquired female who's 14mths. (I've taken her in from a family friend who is having a difficult time right now) I have reason to believe she maybe pregnant, she's from a home with an entire male...