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  1. FelisCatus

    This Type Of Person... Ugh, Do I Pick Up This Kitty?

    Url: Cat for rehoming | Cats & Kittens for Rehoming | London | Kijiji “She’s a Manx so has short back legs which makes it harder for her to jump up on things like fences for example. It’s pathetic to see really, but she tries. FREE with a whole bunch of cat stuff. Come get it. It’s raining...
  2. FelisCatus

    Cosequin Vs. Human Grade Glucosamine Hcl

    Hi everyone, I was doing some research on eventually buying Cosequin for my older cats as they seem to suffer from joint pain. One of them was declawed before I adopted her, so I know she is at a higher risk for arthritis. From searching on this site I found another Canadian complaining about...
  3. FelisCatus

    Malaysia Cat Beach Sanctuary + Other Destinations?

    Kitten Lady just posted a video of her trip to the Cat Beach Sanctuary in Malaysia It made me wonder what other cat destinations there are for vacationing/volunteering for cat lovers. In Hawaii there’s Lanai Cat Sanctuary In Japan there’s cat islands, Tashirojima and Aoshima as well as...
  4. FelisCatus

    Keeping Remains Safe

    This question might be better suited elsewhere but the answers would help others who have had their kitty cats pass away so I am posting it here. ———————- My kitty cats remains were returned to us today (cremated) in a wooden box and a clay paw print. Is there anything I need to do to make sure...
  5. FelisCatus

    Kitten Season Fostering

    With kitten season rapidly approaching, I was wondering how many of you have fostered? If so what were the challenges and tips you have to share? With my kitty cat whom recently passed away, we want to foster kittens in her honour by using the room she spent much of her time in, and convert it...
  6. FelisCatus

    Cancer Causing Cat Litter?

    Hello everyone, In another thread I was talking to another user about Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight cat litter: Does My Cats Pee Look Normal? after doing further research on the cat litter I use, I found a lot of complaints on Amazon about UTI/infections being caused by this. Although my cats...
  7. FelisCatus

    Thoughts/rant About (almost) Never Getting A Kitten

    I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and see what everyone else thinks.... All but one of my kitty cats, I adopted as a rescue when they were older (1.5yo+... latest one was 6yo). I know it’s good to go for older cats since they are less likely to be adopted but I feel like I keep missing...
  8. FelisCatus

    Feral Cats During Insane Cold Ne Us/ontario

    Hi there, it is currently -20 degrees celcius/-4 Fahrenheit here in Ontario (and I guess NE US) and I was wondering how all of you wonderful feral/colony caretakers are doing? Did you prepare the colonies with extra bedding and such knowing a huge storm is coming? I eventually want to take care...
  9. FelisCatus

    Which Cat Are You?

    Here’s a fun little question my wife and I asked each other earlier. Which cat are you from the following and why: 1) Domestic: short/medium/long and coat pattern 2) Breed (Sphynx, Maine Coon, etc) 3) Big Cat (Tiger, Lion, Cougar, etc) Post pictures if you would like as well.
  10. FelisCatus

    Explanation Of Robots And A Suggestion

    Hello there, I am still pretty new here, so sorry for my ignorance if there is an obvious answer to my question. What are/do the robots do on this forum? It currently says there are nearly 200 online, are these just scripts from the inside if TCS to kee things clean or are they more like spiders...
  11. FelisCatus

    Rant: I Have Failed And Will Probably Never Recover

    I just want to preface this by saying sorry if this is in the wrong topic, I was thinking it was more suited for IMO... but that’s just all politics atm and I want to stay clear of there. —————————————————————— It is 5am EST here and I woke up at 4 for some reason and as I look over at my sick...
  12. FelisCatus

    Stavinsky Cats From America’s Got Talent

    I just randomly came across this clip, did a search on here and it looks like no one has mentioned the Stavinsky Cats from America’s Got Talent. Holy they are talented! I wonder what their training is like. Looks like they only made it to the quarterfinals though. It’s funny seeing the...
  13. FelisCatus

    Nearing The End... Go Out With A Bang?

    Hello everyone, my apologies in advance if this is the incorrect place to post. My cat is very sick and we are nearing the end and will have to euthanize her soon. I was wondering what kind of ideas everyone has that we could do to go out with a bang. Like food wise what would be yummy...
  14. FelisCatus

    Have You Ever Seen A Growth Like This Before (warning Gross Pic)

    Hello there! Long story short, I made a post a few days ago about my cats journy with battling cancer... the more I do research the less and less I want to believe her time is coming to an end. So here is me hoping/grasping at straws that this isn’t actually cancer but some kind of other...
  15. FelisCatus

    Urgent: Mammary Cancer Battle, Any Other Options?

    Hello everyone, I have been a lurker for quite some time but after one of my cats oncologist visit today I am signing up and hoping I can get some insight on our current situation we are in and what we can do. The following post will be quite long so please bear with me as we have been through...