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  1. amethyst

    October Picture of the Month Competition: Cats and glass (windows, mirrors etc)

    Well at least Gibsy could probably get a deer, unlike my little Gremlin (the pic I posted).:lol:
  2. amethyst

    Thanksgiving / holiday dinner

    Being Canadian Thanksgiving today my husband and I had Cornish hens for dinner tonight. They are tasty, cook quickly (about an hour in the oven) and one bird per person. Since my in-laws didn't always do turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving, and since I am from the US originally I still like to...
  3. amethyst

    Comments on catwalking

    That reminds me of my CJ, she goes for walks with me when I take the dogs out for a walk around the property. I live on an acreage so we normally get a km or two in on average wandering around the property, she pretty much stays within a few feet of us the whole time, and will come when called...
  4. amethyst

    Is it possible I grieved my cat's passing before she was even gone? And how soon is too soon for another cat?

    I don't think there is a set time limit on when is too soon, each relationship we have with our pets is unique. So even though with one cat it took you a year, it's likely because you weren't ready to let go, it sounds like this time you knew it was time and were ready. If you are able to focus...
  5. amethyst

    September Picture of the Month: Cats in interesting sleeping positions. Closed for entries

    Marble, I'm not even sure how that is comfortable. :updown:
  6. amethyst

    Hello please help I have a little demon cat who refuses all kinds of care

    Since you are having so much trouble with burrito wrapping, and I assume you don't have anyone to help? Maybe you could try a cat bag like this : ASOCEA Cat Grooming Bag Biting & Scratching Resisted for Bathing Injecting Examining Nail Trimming : Pet Supplies or : Downtown...
  7. amethyst

    How long can a cat go on a mouse/rat diet only?

    I still suggest starting with just a snack of a mouse, see how the cat reacts rather then trying to go straight to replacing even one whole meal a day with mice/rats. First see what it takes to get your cat to eat a mouse, does it need to be skinned and gutted? will it eat it warm or cold? does...
  8. amethyst

    How long can a cat go on a mouse/rat diet only?

    I just wanted to give my thoughts, I do not feed raw, but my cats do hunt, so they kind of do on their own in addition to their food. ;) I see a few issues about feeding mice or rats, especially if they aren't use to eating whole prey, unless you plan to chop it up like meat, you may also...
  9. amethyst

    I need help, I don't think my vet is right

    It sounds like he is allergic to the perfumed/scented stuff. It's fairly common for those type things (scented cat litter, heavily scented detergent or scent boosters, etc) to cause respiratory issues for cats and dogs, and also humans too. That sounds like the case here since you said he gets...
  10. amethyst

    can catnip be used to teach cat to like toys?

    Yeah, at least that is one advantage of having multiple cats (I currently have 14 :crazy:) , even if some of them don't like a new toy at least one of them is bound to, lol.
  11. amethyst

    can catnip be used to teach cat to like toys?

    Cats seem to have preferences, some like feather toys, others like cloth, others balls, etc. As well as for wand toys some prefer heavier ground chase type while others prefer ones (like feathers) that you wave through the air. I have one cat that is obsessed with the Da Bird toy, he will play...
  12. amethyst

    Cats and worms

    Ok, so the best idea would be to feed them and then leave each kitten in a separate room, or if you have one use a large dog crate, with a litter box just until they poop, so you know for sure which poop came from which cat and you can bag it and tag it. If the kittens share litter boxes with...
  13. amethyst

    Cats and worms

    What do you mean by issues? I know you need the right kind of dewormer for the kind of worms your cat has, and also that it can take more then one round of dewormer sometimes to get rid of all the worms.
  14. amethyst

    Contest Picture of the Month: August - *Cats in Strange Places*

    nah, she still goes in the fridge even when she can't fit... :rolleyes: She jumped in and tried to claim the meat thawing in there the other day. :lol: Not an entry
  15. amethyst

    Contest Picture of the Month: August - *Cats in Strange Places*

    My youngest cats seems to like to go in some weird places, and are into everything, literally, so it was hard to choose... But I'll go with this one. Rogue in the fridge
  16. amethyst

    How to stop a cat from kneading?

    Declawing is illegal in more and more places because it's animal mutilation. I think if your mom is serious about mutilating her cat she should look to rehome him, or if you can take the cat away from her before she does something bad to him. Kneading is a soothing behavior, as well as they have...
  17. amethyst

    Small Maine Coon

    Aww he is so cute. 😻 If he is gaining ok now that he is with you it makes me wonder if the breeder wasn't feeding him a proper diet or wasn't feeding him enough, especially since he had worms they would be eating his food before he could digest it. Also it's not uncommon to need more then one or...
  18. amethyst

    Vote for your Favourite 15 Cats Amongst Colour.. Picture of the Month July 2020

    I think that's just how many people have voted so far. 😉🙂
  19. amethyst

    Small Maine Coon

    That does sound really small for at Maine coon kitten, even the DSH kittens I have (currently about 3.6-6.2 kgs at 11 months) were all well over 1kg at 13 weeks. Did the kitten come with a health guarantee? Personally I would get the kitten checked out at the vet just to be sure he is ok. Or at...