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  1. Frank123

    How best to give dental treat to cat.

    I took my 3 year old cat (Cali) to the vet this morning for her annual checkup. Everything turned out normal except the vet found a little tartar buildup on her teeth. The vet gave me a 30 day supply of Dentees dental chews. The instructions were to give her one per day. For those her are...
  2. Frank123

    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2020

    Yes, I did enjoy it very much. Sorry, I had meant to put that in my post but looks like I forgot.
  3. Frank123

    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2020

    Just finished reading the novel "Where the Crawdads Sing". (Possible spoiler space) It seems that the author sort of put a twist at the end. I, and I'm guessing many others, from the beginning had made the assumption that Kya wasn't the killer. After all, traditionally in these types of...
  4. Frank123

    You Get A Call From The Principal.....

    That Oliver was sneaking up and jumping on the other cats. That he was disrupting the class with his zoomies. That he was stealing other cats' toys That he knocked over a shelf he tried to jump on. For Cali that she refuses to socialize with the other cats
  5. Frank123

    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2020

    I recently finished reading Winter of the World by Ken Follett. It is the second book in a series called the Century Trilogy. It is a very long book and was finally able to finish it up because I have so much time being home because of the pandemic.
  6. Frank123

    The Birthday Thread 2020

    Cali is 3 years old today.
  7. Frank123

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Here's another one of Cali and Oliver. The previous one I posted was of them sleeping together. Here I just happened to catch them sitting side by side to each other. Luckily, they agreed to cooperate by holding that pose long enough for me to get out my phone. Oliver (L), Cali (R)
  8. Frank123

    Finding cat food and litter

    Hi, I'm just curious to see how everyone is procuring food and litter for their cats during these times. I was at the supermarket Saturday, but didn't bother venturing down the pet aisle since I usually order such stuff online. Therefore, I had no idea if the shelves were stocked or not...
  9. Frank123

    Explain your cat's name

    One of my cats is a Calico, so she is named Cali for short. I named my other cat Oliver because I always liked that name for a male cat. and it turns out Oliver is the top name for male cats.
  10. Frank123

    Do you have a plan if you suddenly found yourself unable to care for your cat(s)?

    That is, if you were to suffer a sudden illness or trauma and had to be hospitalized or incapacitated for a period of a few days or longer, how would your cats be cared for. Especially for those who live alone. I ask because over the weekend I was hospitalized with an acute illness. The only...
  11. Frank123

    The Birthday Thread 2020

    This is Oliver's Birthday week. When we adopted him from the rescue organization last May, he was estimated to be about 12 weeks old. We estimated that his birth would have been around this week. He is one year old. The Birthday Boy scarf was suppose to go on him, but he would have none of it.
  12. Frank123

    Fresh Step litter very dusty.

    I have been using Fresh Step Ultra Unscented cat litter since I first got my older cat over two years ago and never really noticed any issues. However, it seems like the last couple or so boxes has been producing a lot of dust. Every time I scoop the litter, it produces a noticeable cloud of...
  13. Frank123

    Dry food options

    I have both an adult cat and kitten at home. The two dry foods I use are Natural Balance Original Whole Body and Nature's Variety Instinct food for kittens.
  14. Frank123

    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    Not in detail. Cali, now 2 YO was adopted from a foster home run by a woman who rescues kittens from kill shelters and adopts them out. Oliver, 7 1/2 months old was adopted from a rescue organization. When I inquired about Oliver's background, the woman just shrugged her shoulders and said...
  15. Frank123

    Old Pictures Of Your Cats

    I found another old picture of another one of our former cats. This is Spenser, named after the TV detective of the series that was popular at the time we had him. Sadly, Spenser was hit by a car when he was only two years old. From then on I learned my lesson about keeping future cats indoors.
  16. Frank123

    Sad News About Grandpa Mason

    Although this news was inevitable since he was suffering from advanced kidney disease, it is still heartbreaking to hear. This is turning out to be a sad year. First Grumpy Cat and now Grandpa Mason.
  17. Frank123

    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Cali and Oliver taking their nap together.
  18. Frank123

    Old Pictures Of Your Cats

    This is my previous cat Fluffy. I had to say goodbye to him several years ago at age 16.
  19. Frank123

    Cat Crying

    The first question that comes to mind is is she spayed? Her crying may be her wanting to get out to find a mate. Also, the fact that a male cat is showing up at your door indicates to me that she is attracting male cats.