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  1. Noirele

    Cat Peeing On Soft Surfaces: A Solution

    I wanted to update on Merlin situation, since I think I have found a solution, and maybe it could be helpful for some of us. Short recap: Some months ago, my cat started to pee outside the litterbox, mainly on the couch, but also on clothes and carpets. He still used the box for pooping. He...
  2. Noirele

    Urine Marking- Cannot Neuter The Cat

    Hello!:wave3: A couple days before Merlin's neutering, we found out he still has a very high coronavirus antibodies titer (he got the virus when he was a kitten). The vet recommended to postpone surgery as long as we can, especially since he had lots of health problems. So we are waiting, he is...
  3. Noirele

    Diarrhea With Wet Food

    I am well aware that wet food is WAY better for a cat, and that there is no relation at all between water content in food and watery stool. Still, Merlin has runny stools or full diarrhea every time we try to add canned food. To solve his diarrhea problem (which started 7 months ago), we did...
  4. Noirele

    Is It A Good Idea To Add A New Cat?

    My mother saved a kitten a couple of months ago. He is around 6-7 months old now, healthy, neutered and very handsome, though a bit of a pest. He loves to run around in the garden and climb trees. She has some health problems and asked me to take the cat with me. Problem is, I have Merlin...
  5. Noirele

    Not Eating

    Here we go again: Merlin has another problem. :bawling: He was eating anallergenic dry food to diagnose some food intollerance: we were doing fine, excellent poop and happy cat. 8 days ago (end of week 3 of trial diet) we opened a new bag of kibbles and they looked different, more dry and less...
  6. Noirele

    Merlin Vs Roomba

    Today at work I've got a notification from the roomba, saying it cleaned the whole apartment. :ruminating: And then another one, after an hour or so. Merlin decided to somehow activate the roomba (he loves to pounce it when it's charging) and let it clean the whole house TWICE. He probably also...
  7. Noirele

    Kibbles Look Different From Usual

    Today I've opened a new bag of RC anallergenic kibbles (which Merlino is eating for elimination trial, 4 weeks so far). They look a bit different: drier, darker and way less smelly. In fact, the cat ate his breakfast with less enthusiasm, and totally refused the second meal of the day. I don't...
  8. Noirele

    Weird Breathing Pattern During Sleep

    I have recently noticed that sometimes Merlin breaths weird while sleeping. It's usually just before starting to twitch/dream, so maybe it's normal, but I'm not sure. You can see it clearly in the last couple of seconds in the video (when I zoom in). It's like the upper and lower chest are...
  9. Noirele

    Transitioning Cat From Wet To Dry Food

    Hello! I am a supporter of wet food diet, but I have to try an anallergenic dry diet for my cat. There is a strong suspicion that he has allergies (diarrhea, runny eyes, rodent ulcer). I also have to stop all supplements, such as lysine and fortiflora. Do you think 5 days are enough to gradually...
  10. Noirele

    Drinking A Lot

    I've decided to open a new thread (hope that's not a problem) because things got complicated. My cat is drinking and urinating a lot. I mean a lot: I notice him by the water bowl 4-6 times a day, and he's also eating canned food. We started to worry a week ago, during NSAIDs therapy (onsior)...
  11. Noirele


    Hello :) Merlin is a weird looking cat, I would love to hear your opinions!
  12. Noirele

    Acute Kidney Failure - Increased Thirst And Urination

    The odyssey of Merlin, most unlucky cat I've ever met. :disappointed: After a 3 days course of Onsior for joint pain, Merlin started to drink a lot (and I mean really a lot, like a whole bowl in 5-6 hours, plus canned food) and urinate almost 6 times a day. Kidney function was perfect just a...
  13. Noirele

    Lazy 10 Months Old Kitten

    My Merlin has recently become quite lazy. Last month he had a couple of health issues, but now he's fine. However, he gradually started to play less and less. He still plays of course, but I really have to commit! He gets bored with toys all the time and I have to buy new ones. Today I got...
  14. Noirele

    Muscle Aches And Diarrhea

    I am at a loss as to what to do with my cat. Merlin is 10 months old, he did a long antibiotic course therapy last summer for a tricky pneumonia and then he was totally fine. In october we changed food, suspecting an allergy, and he started to have diarrhea. We went back to the previous food and...
  15. Noirele

    Greasy Fur On Chest

    Hello! My 9 months old longhair scottish has a really greasy and oily fur, from his chin to his chest. He we'll be neutered next month and he also has stud tail, so I believe maybe it's a matter of hormones? He also stinks a lot (my vet actually said it's the stinkiest tomcat he's ever visited...
  16. Noirele

    Chronic Bronchopneumonia

    Hello, maybe it's a bit rude to introduce myself with a long question, but I'm really worried and I would love to get some advice from your experiences. Long story short, my 4 months old cat has been diagnosed with bronchopneumonia (radiologically) almost two months ago. The only symptom was...