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    I'm BACK!! Oh how I have missed you guys!!!

    Haven't talked to you before, but still, welcome back!
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    Where ARE you when you're on TCS?

    I'm on my laptop usually in the study. In a comfy wheely chair. ^_^
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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Yeah, i do believe in ghosts... Last year when my grandma died (R.I.P grandma <3) my mum and our family, we could swear we could sense her in our house and my dad and brother claimed that the air smelt like the perfume she wore.
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    Anyone have an Android phone?

    No, i dont have one, but i really want one... I might save up for one...
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    "what are you doing" thread

    I'm getting ready for a friend to sleepover at my house tonight!
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    Some camping/hiking pictures

    Nice pictures! Very beautiful, thanks for sharing.
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    I got an AWARD today!

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    We slayed the dragon!

    Wow, great scenery!
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    Do you have an iPhone?

    I have an iPod, but not an iPhone...
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    I'm NOT "Lovin It"

    Yet another reason to not go to McDonald's. Hate that place...
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    Kitty Cams! :3

    Thats great! Would love to have one of them...
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    Happy April Fools Day!

    Even though yesterday was April Fools for me...
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    How would you like to come face to face with this?...

    Oh wow! I actually like it;kinda cute!
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    ET Phone Home

    Haha, way too cute!
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    Looks great! Your cats are lucky.
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    Cat strollers

    Oh wow, i want one! Don't think my cat would like it much though lol.
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    Dinner Time!

    Awww thats so cute and they really are well-mannered.
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    My new cat bed

    Cute. My kitty has one like that, but its abit smaller.
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    I wonder

    My kitty is turning 2 on the 5th of April.